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Hugh Williamson

No description

kenzie erwin

on 9 January 2015

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Transcript of Hugh Williamson

Virginia or New Jersey Plan?
Political Career
Opinion of the Convention
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He was born to a large family on December 5th,1735. His parents gave him a great education toward becoming a Presbyterian minister and he grew up in a religious household. He graduated first class of the University of Pennsylvania, and then realized that he didn't want to be a minister, so he abandoned these pursuits to study medicine and science. He eventually earned a degree from the University of Utretch and was a physician. His career was focused on medicine,science, and math.
He believed that the Articles of Confederation should be abolished and replaced with a new Constitution for our country.
Other Facts
While he was in England, he wrote a pamphlet called the Plea of the Colonies. When he sailed back from England he settled in North Carolina and became a surgeon-general of the state troops. He tended to the wounded and prevented sickness by paying attention to food, clothing, shelter and health.
Hugh went to Europe to finish his education at the University of Utretch. On his way to Europe, he witnessed the Boston Tea Party and reported news of it to Britain. He warned Britain that the colonists would rebel if Britain did not change their policies. While in England, he made a close friendship with Benjamin Franklin and they studied science. He sailed back to America right after they gained independence
Role in the convention
Hugh Williamson's Photos
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Representing North Carolina
In the Constitution Convention, he was appointed to 5 committees, the second most of any delegate in the convention. He gave more than 70 speeches in the Constitutional Convention, and was one of the most active delegates in the convention. He was against the Articles of Confederation and was for a new constitution.
Hugh Williamson

After the war he started his political career.He first was a member of Congress and the Continental Congress. A few years later, chosen to represent North Carolina at the Annapolis Convention. He arrived too late to participate, but then was chosen as one of the delegates for the Constitutional Convention. After the convention he served two terms for the House of Representatives and then retired. He moved to New York and wrote many political and scientific works and died in 1819.
Hugh is for the Virginia Plan, which means that he wants a president, courts, and congress with a bicameral legislature. He believed that the number of votes and representation of a state should be determined on how many people are in a state. Since he was from a bigger state, it makes sense for him to want more representation.
He is a federalist, which means that he is for a strong central government with three branches of government. Although he was from the south, he was against slavery. he accepted the three fifths compromise and allowed the slave trade to continue for twenty more years even when he was against slavery.
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