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Adventure Tourism

No description

amirah ismail

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of Adventure Tourism

Adventure Tourism
what is it?
travel to another places for more than 24 hours but less than 1 year.

trip can be classified as
if involves 2\3 from this elements
* interaction with nature
*interaction with cultural
*physical activity

core adventure trip involve all the elements
New Zealand Profile
Mouri name :
Capital :
Largest City :
Ethnic Group :
European 67.6% Mouri 14.6% Pacific 6.9% Others 12.1%
English, Mouri, NZ sign Language
Currency :
Nz Dollar
Religion :
Protestant 38.6% Roman Catholic 12.6% Mouri Christian 1.6% Hindu 1.6% Buddhist 1.3% others 2.2% None 33.2%
Tourism Specialty :
Sightseeing Tourism, Eco Tourism, Adventure Tourism, Beach Tourism

The Remarkable
Lake Wakatipu
Abel Tasman
Mount Tangiro
Milford Sound
Sky Tower
A2- Amenities
#Luxurious Lodges
option limited

A3- Ancillary Services
well connected but still in developing

hop on hop off bus
*International access
- MAS, Air New Zealand, Qantas, Emirates, China Southern, Jetstar, Virgin Australia, Air Asia

main airport - Auckland (AKL) & Christchurch (CHC)
* transportation is well developed
*domestic air services connect to the main cities
* Rail transport declined
* Bus services access to whole country
* Ferry only in particular places
Tourist Profile
Development stage
NZ popularized by the LOTR trilogy film
number of clients reach 10thousands per year
- job opportunities increase espcially during peak season
- promote 100% pure Nz
( adventure and nature based)

Exploration stage

1st gold discover in Shotover River

Involvement stage
- government recognize the importance of tourism
- setting up an official tourist organization
- work closely with private sector
*1950 : Caronet Ski Park open
*1970 : Jet boating - Shotover Jet
*1988 : Bungee Jumping - AJ Hacket & Henry Van Aseh
*1990 : Skydiving - NZone skydive
local economy
- unemployment rate decrease
- generate revenue to local people
local society and culture
- changes in ethnic mix of locals
-population increase
-traffic congestion
local environment
- pollution

2009 : campaign ' Go All the Way'

1.1 millions travel for holiday purpose

type of tourist
39% - fully independent
39% - semi independent
11% - using travel packages
10% - tour group
(ministry of Tourism)

25-34 - 22%
35-44 - 16%
45-54 - 18%
55-64 -19%

- Global Financial Crisis (GFC) and H1N1 pandemic
- earthquake in Christchurch
- Rugby World Cup

2013 New Statistic
July 2013
- 2.647millions

2012 -
tourism receipt decrease due to value of money
AT has potential to evolve into more accessible market through the regulation of activities and operators but risk is a major factor for AT

NZ is a large market for AT. if the AT industry can be developed in a sustainable and secure manner, it will ensure its success as an AT leader
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Skyline Gondola
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