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KQED Social Media!

These things are happening with KQED and Social Media!

Lizzy Acker

on 12 September 2012

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Transcript of KQED Social Media!

KQED: Best at Social Media? FACEBOOK: Up 6,908 followers since October 2011! Why? A) Facebook ads and B) Awesomer, more engaging posts posts (frequently from the brain of Ian Hill): What about old Twitter? Ian and I recently went to actual Twitter HQ and met our very own Twitter guy (who is also PBS's Twitter guy) who is helping us work on promoted tweets and keep our place as one of the most innovative public media organizations in the country. (Hyperbole? You decide.) Still truckin': Up 10,700 followers since Oct 2011! PINTEREST: Yeah, we're here On Pinterest we are trying a new strategy of creating boards with many different contributors. YOUTUBE: The final frontier? Or at least the next one? We've got a whole new strategy! One main channel with 5 spoke channels for each of our main subject areas. Each with a beautiful skin designed by Zaldy and implemented by Phil (so glad Phil is back!). Linkedin: Our newest social media baby We are working with HR and Development to make our Linkedin presence helpful to members, job seekers, employees, major donors, board members and, of course, us. This brings us to the basic part of our strategy: Know our audience. This means we want the right people doing the social media that makes sense for their area and their audience. So where do you fit in? Who is your audience and how can you serve them better through social media?
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