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Shaun Jones

on 21 June 2013

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What is Grantsmith?
Navigating the Website
Common Grant
Management Tasks
Contact Information
Administering your Grants
When you log in, you will automatically be directed to the Home Tab
The Project Tab is the primary way to start any task involving an individual project
The Draw Down Requests Tab can be accessed either by clicking the appropriate tab, or by creating a new draw down in the project menu
The Payments tab can be used to track your reimbursement through the payment approval process
Use the Progress Reports tab to complete quarterly reports and track any reporting measure data
Tracking Payments
Quarterly Reports
You will Need
A Computer with a current internet browser (such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc)
A scanner capable of creating PDFs on your computer

Adobe Acrobat Standard or Adobe Reader
Log In information for your organization (you will receive this by email from your project specialist)
Logging In
Go to:
(Or go to the business council website, click community assistance,
and click the reporting
Enter your email address as the user name and your password
Faster reimbursement cycle

More immediate feedback and tracking of payments

Less money spent on paper and postage

Increased accuracy!
An internet based program which will be used to manage
Wyoming Business Council Grants
The "My Profile" button allows you to edit your contact information
To track the status of pending payments, you can visit the State Auditor's office by clicking this link.

In the future, this will contain relevant links to help you manage your projects
These 5 tabs across the top of the screen are used to access all parts of the website
No worries if you cant find your password,
Simply click the password reset button
Select the project that you would like to view or manage
If there aren't any projects showing up on this page, click view all projects
These buttons are used to create new tasks for a specific project
Click the "Create New Draw Down Request Button to begin the process
Click the magnifying glass and select the appropriate project
Select the project to begin a draw down request by clicking the ID button
Enter the reporting dates. These dates should reflect the earliest and latest dates on the project invoices
Click the save button to begin entering invoice information for the request.
Enter expenses for reimbursement. Click the line item which the expenses fall into (i.e. Construction, Non Construction, etc)
Click the Quick save button to find
out how much you will be
reimbursed for your invoices
Enter the summary information in
appropriate boxes
After all invoices have been entered, click draw down request form and print this off. You will have to have your project contact sign this.
...And click "submit for approval"!
Scan the signed request form along with invoices and attach the file to the request
Grant Management from Start to Finish
This Training Includes Info On
Project Administration
Environmental Review Process
Resolutions & Policies
Labor & Procurement
Because when your project receives funding...
Environmental Review

Financial and Audit
Resolutions and

It's just the tip of the iceberg!
Application File
Copy of the original application
Correspondence dealing with the application
Financial File
Copy of grant agreement
Sub-agreement (if applicable)
Copies of drawdown requests with supporting invoices submitted to WBC
Quarterly reports
Any supporting correspondence
Civil Rights File
Fair Housing Resolution (Current for Each Project)
504 Form
Labor File
Wage determinations
Debarment information
Wyoming preference
Payroll information
Other related items
Environmental File
Copy of environmental review
Request for release of funds
Advertising related to environmental comment and HUD Form 7015.16
Audit and Close Out File
Annual audit information
Monitoring Booklet
Closeout Letters
Quarterly Reports Are Due Periodically until
the project is completed:
1st Quarter=April 15th
2nd Quarter=June 15th
3rd Quarter=October 15th
4th Quarter=January 15th
Reports are completed online through grantsmith (more information on this later in the presentation)
Log in information will be emailed to project administrators
Report reminders are sent out at the beginning of the month in which the report is due
More Information
System Requirements

The Quarterly Reports software is designed to work on as many platforms as possible. Due to the impossibly large combinations of client software, we must limit our officially supported clients to the following:
ALL CLIENTS: Adobe Flash 10• Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, and 8:

Browser: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera• Mac OSX, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer

NOTE: If your client isn't listed, please try to use it on your current platform.
Introduction/General Information
ERR Guide #1, #2, #3, #4, #5-Statutory Worksheet
Environmental Assessment Approval Letter
Why Environmental Review?
Protect health and safety, avoid or mitigate impacts that may harm our clients,
Avoid or mitigate any harm to the surrounding environment and project site
Avoid litigation that could stop project on environmental grounds
Avoid monitoring findings and/or loss of HUD financial assistance to your project
REQUIRED – by Federal Law & Regulation under the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 (NEPA) and NEPA related laws
Environmental Review Regulations 24 CFR Part 58
HUD’s regulation allows local units of government to perform NEPA responsibilities that would otherwise apply to HUD.
Regulation titled “Environmental Review Procedures for Entities Assuming HUD Environmental Responsibilities”
Choice Limiting Actions!
Cannot commit HUD and non-HUD funds to a proposed project prior to release of funds authorization
Must oversee actions of sub-recipient
Choice-limiting actions will reduce or eliminate your opportunity to choose alternativesExamples: property acquisition, leasing, demolition, rehabilitation, construction, and site improvements (including site clearance)
Instructions for Statutory Checklist
Statutory Checklist
Introduction for Environmental Assessment Checklist
Environmental Checklist
Combined Notice (FONSI and NOI/RRF)
Request for Release of Funds Form 7015.15
HUD Environmental Review Regulations
Choice Limiting Actions!
Limitation on Activities
Do not take ANY action until the environmental review compliance is achieved.
Option agreements are allowable.
Labor and
Section 3 General
Federal Labor Standards Provisions
Bonding and Insurance
Labor Guide
All projects funded in whole or in part through Federal Government dollars
Applies to:
All Contractors and Subcontractors
All Laborers and Mechanics employed on such projects
All Building and Project Types
How Does
this affect you?
Grantee Steps
Wage Rates
Standard Davis Bacon Forms
Employee Interviews
Apply to:
Auditors, Inspectors, Business Owners and Other Personnel not performing physical or manual work at the site of the work.

State, Local or Tribal Government Employees
Grantee is Required to register “Volunteers” with HUD but are not
required to pay them Davis Bacon wages
Designate someone on your staff to:
Ensure all bid documents and contracts contain Federal Labor Standards Provisions and applicable Davis-Bacon Wage Decisions
Contact WBC and ensure that contractors are not debarred
Ensure compliance by monitoring weekly payroll reports--make sure that the contractor, owner, or official designated person sign the payrolls
Forward two ORIGINAL payroll reports to the Wyoming Business Council with your first draw request
Keep good files--create a hard file for all wage decisions and weekly reports. this file must be kept for 5 years after project completion

Useful Technical Assistance Guide:
Obtain appropriate wages before going to bid: www.wdol.gov/dba.aspx. and lock in wages with WBC
Submit Labor Standard Notice to CDBG staff before signing contract
Ensure that Contractor is Displaying Proper Signage:
Receive weekly Certified Payroll Record from your contractor (http://www.dol.gov/whd/forms/wh347.pdf)
Verify Compliance of Wages Paid
Forward the Original Certified Payroll Record to CDBG staff
You can go to the website and get the wage rate, but we prefer you call staff for the information
Select State & County
For Construction Type: Building
Click Printer Friendly Version, to see this screen.
At the top you will find the General Decision Number
Print and keep for your records
Use to verify that contractors are paying their employees properly, including over time and fringe benefits
You need to conduct at least one interview from each group of workers (electricians, plumbers, laborers)
The Housing and Community Development Act of 1968 includes a provision (Section 3) designed to assist local economic development while improving neighborhood economic conditions.

Section 3 requires that recipients of certain HUD funding provide, to the best of their abilities, job training, employment and contracting opportunities for low or very low income residents or business interests in connection with projects and activities in their neighborhood.

Applies to CDBG projects in the amount of $200,000 or more.

Section 3 is different from Minority and Women Owned business considerations as it is both race and gender neutral and instead focuses on those with low incomes.
A table to assist you with determining income levels (provided by HUD on an annual basis) and can be found on the Wyoming Business Council’s (WBC) website (http://www.wyomingbusiness.org/community/cdbg_forms.aspx). A listing of
Wyoming’s Disadvantaged Business Enterprises can also be found there.
Davis Bacon Act: Compliance
and Reporting
Section III
Disadvantaged Business Directory
Wyoming Preference on Labor
Davis-Bacon Act
Information on reimbursement requests will presented in the next section
A-133 Audit Requirements must be adhered to for local entities receiving federal funds
Percentage of Completion form
A-133 Form
SAM.gov Registration Updates

To view a complete list of payments, click the all payments button
The status column will tell you whether a payment is pending, is on it's way (reconciled), or needs further justification
Once a payment is listed as reconciled, it is sent to the

state auditor's office for disbursement. Payments can be tracked at this stage from the SAO website
To track a payment on the State Auditor's website, type in the name of your organization and select "Wyoming Business Council - 085" for the department
Contact Information:
Julie Kozlows
CDBG Planning and Program
Development Manager
(307) 777-2812
Sandy Quinlan
Community Development
Block Grant Program Manager
(307) 777-2825
Shaun Jones
Senior Grant and Loan Specialist
(307) 777-2821
Click new progress report to begin the process
Be sure report type is set to quarterly on all CDBG grant reports (Other types of BRC grants do annual reports also, so you may need this another time)
As we did with draw requests, you will need to click the magnifying glass and pick your project.
Enter the report period start and end dates. These should correspond with the quarter you are reporting on.

Once you have answered all of the questions, click save to submit the report
Must be registered with a certified Apprenticeship Program
All materials are also available in Spanish or any other language!
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