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Unequal water distribution and water pollution in South West Asia

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Tew Kute Jadyn

on 15 November 2012

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Transcript of Unequal water distribution and water pollution in South West Asia

Water Pollution Water Pollution is basically the contamination of water bodies ! What impacts Does water Pollution have on Drinking Water? Turkey put a massive dam in front of the Euphrates and Tigris rivers. This caused conflict in Syria and Iraq because this stopped the water flow to these countries. This ALSO caused water pollution to those countries. This started the Six Day War. Desalination What impact does unequal distribution have on Irrigation? Some of the impacts are : What impact does water pollution have on irrigation? What is Unequal Distribution of Water? The impact that unequal distribution has on irrigation is that it can kill many crops and people can also die from that. Is the process of salt water becoming drinking water for more people to drink Famine
Diseases and etc. Water pollution from industrial farms not only damages the environment and kills wildlife, but it can also sicken and kill people

Not only do substantial environmental problems result, but many of the pollutants produced by farms (minerals, chemicals and pathogens, to name a few) can make water unsafe for human consumption. Is when one country gets more water than another country in need. They also say that Israel is denying its access to fresh water. Just like the picture next to this. What impact does unequal distribution have on drinking water
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