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Gangnam Style

No description

Jae Kwang Lee

on 4 February 2013

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Transcript of Gangnam Style

Justin bieber "Baby"
1.5 billion hits.
The most viewed video
on you tube until... South Korea UK JAPAN CHINA 50 million
GDP top 10 in the world( Hope to reunite those two
The increaing gap of the level of economy between the two
Dictatorship of North The Korean war in 1950
Divided into North and South
Separated families Fourtyfold in economy
200fold in trade Chille Seoul, the capital of South Korea Nam mountain Han river Han river Where is GangNam? GangNam (South of Han River) Seoul GangBuk (North of Han River) Gangnam in Gangnam style
Borough of Gangnam + Borough of Seocho Gangnam, affluent district New development district in the 1980s
The period of fast national growth
Capital accumulated in these districts
Top housing market Condominium flat 1980 2010 15,000/sqm 2,500/sqm Skyrocketing of house price The best quality of Education From nursery to high school.
Private institutes - Math, English, Science The entrance rate of the best college in S.Korea The best amenities Luxurious brands and shops Skyrocketing of house price Residents in Gangnam High-income class, Creative class, people in leadership, gathered in gangnam districts.
Forming a new community and sort of new style characterized as well-off, luxurious, and privileged. GANGNAM STYLE World Guinness Record for the over 750mil "like" click on YouTube.
American Music Awards.... Ranked 1st in I-Tunes of 50 countries
Ranked 2nd for 10 weeks in USA Billboard Chart
Ranked 1st in UK Official Char 1st as an Asian music An anatomy of Youtube meme by Limor Shifman PSY "Gangnam style"
1.8 billion hits.
Became the most viewed video in the world, replacing "baby" Handwashing Style (NHS) Spread all over the world through online Replicated, parodied by different cultures and people Replicated to serve for some purposes Currently, about 80mil replicated video going around Obama Style Used to criticize a person or the way of the world Eton Style Used to say what they are and express themselves What are the success factors of Gangnam Style? Found that six common features are important for video to get popularity on the Internet.
Ordinary peoples, flawed masculinity, humor, simplicity, repetitiveness, whimsical content Got those six features Social Media - Facebook, Twitter Powerful pop, it's the trend Price Tag (Jessie J) Hot right now (Rita ora) Macarena (1994) Horse riding dance Gangnam district Known well among South Koreans, but not in the world Thanks to gangnam style, it became the best-selling district in the world in 2012 Hotel California - Eagles
Last train to London - Electric right orchestra
One night in Bangkok - Murray Head
Englishman in New York - Sting
MUSIC Place Gangnam style Gangnam district GANGNAM the world's best selling district in 2012
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