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Jewish Ghettos

No description

mitchell welacky

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Jewish Ghettos

Jewish Ghettos On September 21st 1939, the Jews were confined to special areas in cities and towns. The two largest ghettos were established in Warsaw and Lodz. In Warsaw the capital of poland, all 2 entrances to the ghetto were sealed. The German authorities allowed a Jewish council of 24 men called the Judenrat, they had to form a police force and maintain order in the ghetto. They were also responsible for organizing the labour battalions demanded by the German authorities. The Germans regarded the establishment of ghettos as a provisional measure to control and segregate Jews while the Nazi leadership in Berlin deliberated upon options to realize the goal of removing the Jewish population. In many places ghettoization lasted a relativley short time, some ghettos existed for only a few days, others for months or even years. The "Final Solution" the plan to murder all European Jews, beginig in the late 1941.The Germans systematically destroyed the ghettos. The germans either shot ghetto residents in mass graves located where they were murdered, or they deported a small minority of Jews from the ghettos to concentration camps.
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