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Epic Faces :)

No description

Dave Ringham

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of Epic Faces :)

The Epic eyes!
The Mouth!
Customizing Your Epic Face
Epic Faces!
By: David

Have you ever seen those big, yellow,round
faces and wondered how to draw them? Epic
faces come in many shapes, colours, and
sizes. They are really cool and they are easy to
make, especialy if you follow these simple
The eyes of an epic face are maybe
the easiest part. They are two half-
circles. Then, draw a circle at the
side of the half-circles to make pupils.
L O L !
The mouth is another half-circle (can you believe it!). Colour it pink or red. For a tongue, put ANOTHER half-circle inside the mouth. Then colour it.
Now, here is the fun part! To customize
your epic face, put it on backgrounds, colour it, and be creative!!!
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