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Leah 2014 BrownBag

No description

Leah Joyner

on 17 February 2014

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Transcript of Leah 2014 BrownBag

Literature Review
Completed the Literature Review to accompany the results from the technical report of the Farm Food Value Chain research conducted last year.
Agritourism Curriculum
Topics for the Curriculum Included:

Agritourism Products
Risk Management & Liability
Business Planning
Pricing & Revenue
Interpretation/ Guiding
Connecting with the Tourism Industry

Internet Marketing Campaign
Designed and maintained
The website provided information about the tour & a link for purchasing tickets

Photographed each farm that participated in the tour, providing both the GVPN and each individual farm with a portfolio of images to use for marketing.
Marketing Plan
Farm Food Value Chain
Greenbrier Valley Pasture Network
After the Tour
Leah's Brown Bag
Created a google map tool of the farm tour circuit

Post Tour Follow Up
Posters for local advertising
Vehicle Placards
Farm tour road signs
Srategic Social Media Marketing
Print Materials
Tour Invitation
Researching information on agritourism marketing and branding to inform a marketing plan for the GVPN. Includes strategies for marketing Overnight Stays, Voluntourism, Ecotourism, Private and Public Events, and Farm Tours
Used a survey tool to capture responses from agritourists
Traveled to WV to hold a post tour follow up focus group with farmers
Yale Food Systems
Reviewed literature on Supply Chains, Food Systems, Culinary Tourism, Food Insecurity, and Sustainable Agriculture
Tourism Entrepreneurs
Completed a Tourism Entrepreneur profile for Charlie Jackson of Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project
The Tour
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