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TKAM Characters & Symbols in Chpts. 3-7

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Mollie Browning

on 25 January 2018

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Transcript of TKAM Characters & Symbols in Chpts. 3-7

Someone is watching...
pg. 54
Walter Visits
a. Re-read pgs.31-33 in the TAN & Black book

Atticus teaches a lesson
Re-read pgs. 39-41
The Knot-Hole
pg. 44-46
Are you ready for a checkpoint quiz?
Trying to get a look at Boo
pg. 68-72
Ask yourself... (perhaps write these things down)
"...like they were expecting me."
pg. 78-79
TKAM Characters & Symbols in Chapters 3-7

a manual on kindness
b. Paragraph that starts with: "By the time we reached our front steps..."
... Bildungsroman, FOR SURE, among others.
Starting with, "Something wrong, Scout?"

TRACK: Powerful Words, Privilege, and Bildungsroman for sure...
Starting with, "As the year passed..."

Track: Gothic for sure...

Re-read the last paragraph of Ch. 4...

Track: Gothic
Starting with, "Dill stretched, yawned..."

Track: Gothic, Powerful...
What is eerie about Jem's pants?
Who is "Little Chuck Little" and what did he do?

Who is Mr. Avery?

Why does Miss Maudie like to stay outside so much?
hat is a "hot steam?"

ho is "Francis?"

What is
Aunt Al
exandra's vision of how Scout should act?
What are some of Maycomb's Ways?
What is "Maycomb's Disease"?
What is Bildungsroman?
What are gothic elements?
What excuse does Dill give for Jem's missing pants?
How did Jem REALLY lose them?
What are some things found in the knot-hole?
What is the fate of the knot-hole?
Ch. 8, pg. 85
from the beginning
The Seasons are Changing
The Case of the Mysterious Blanket
pg. 95
"Jem and I slid across the street..."
Scout vs. Cecil Jacobs

Atticus teaches another lesson...
pg. 99, the beginning of CH. 9
7 minutes to do Ch. 10 on your own
Ch. 11 & Mrs. Dubose

Cause: ___________
Effect: pg. 137 "What Jem did..."
Know about the oddness of the dog, and what the kids learn about Atticus.
Atticus and Guns
The first few pages of Chapter 10:
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