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Intro to Education Course Reflection

Module 14 Discussion Forum- My reflection of the Introduction to Education class.

Lauren Schuetz

on 25 April 2010

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Transcript of Intro to Education Course Reflection

Intro to Education
Course Reflection My Online Experience with this Class What I Learned from Other Students What I Learned Outside of this Course Value of Various Assignments Value of Discussion Forums Value of Quizzes What I Liked About this Course Suggestions for Change EDF 2005
Dr. Mark Simpson My experience with this class being online has been incredible. I absolutely loved the way
that this course was laid out, everything was very clear and easy to understand. This is the
second online class I have taken from FGCU and has been the best experience so far. I
never had any trouble understanding our course assignments and if I did, my questions were answered immediately. Some things that I learned that might be helpful to me in the future are things like
how to communicate well simply using words and how to use technology to increase
the overall value of a course. I learned how to do so many things online, such as this
Prezi website, that I would have never known if it weren't for this class. Using the
Internet as well as modern technology can really increase knowledge and
learning during a class. One of the most important things that I learned from the other students in this course
is the value of communication and exchanging ideas. I honestly can not believe how much I learned from reading other people's discussion posts and evaluating their ideas. It is so important that we use communication is teaching and getting teaching ideas from other people is one of the most valuable tools a teacher can use. There were so many valuable lessons that I learned outside of the curriculum during this course. Most of these were life lessons that I learned from teachers during classroom observations.

1. One of the most important things I learned during this course was to never underestimate the
power a teacher can have to change the lives of their students.

2. Another thing that I learned during this course is that students are willing to learn anything you are willing to teach, whether it be related to the class or just to life in general, so be the role model that they want to see. Classroom Observations:
Philosophy Paper:
Learning Outcomes Paper:
I honestly felt that all of the assignments
that we completed during this course were
of great value and importance and
that each one taught an incredibly important lesson about teaching. I felt like the most valuable assignment we
completed during this course was the Classroom Observations. Anyone can read books and write papers, but true learning comes from the classroom. This was by far my favorite thing about this class. I really enjoying writing the learning outcomes paper
because we knew that it was something we would have to complete all along, and were therefore able to accumulate knowledge throughout the course. I really liked being able to reflect on everything we had learned during the course of this Intro to Education class. I also very much enjoyed writing the philosophy paper, but this was because we got to do something different than the usual weekly assignment. I loved being able to highlight different education philosophers and understanding each of their teaching philosophies. Being able to delve deeper into one of the chapters in our text book was very beneficial to me because I was able to learn more specifically about valuable things. I felt that the weekly Discussion Forums
were incredibly useful. Not only did we have to do our own reasearch on the topic of discussion, but we were able to hear other peoples opinions and ideas. This was a great source of communication and a valuable exchange of ideas for everyone! I think that taking the quizzes for course was a very valuable tool in learning the information for the class. The quizes were very detailed and were an adequate test of the information we had learned from reading. Although some of the questions were hard, it really showed you what you needed to go back and read. I really appreciated having the opportuinty to take the quizzes twce if we wanted to. I think that the only thing that I would even consider changing
about this course would be to maybe use some more interactive technology, since it is an online course. For example, maybe a discussion forum could be based around a You-Tube clip of The Miracle Worker, where Helen Keller exemplifies the ultimate test of a teacher. Or maybe do an interactive lesson with the movie Freedom Writers about teaching culturally diverse students. Essentially what I am saying is to truly utilize the interactive ability of this course since we aren't face to face every day.
It is hard to say one thing I "liked" about this course, because I
truely loved everything we did in the Intro to Education class. I loved the professor, Mr. Simpson, for making this a wonderful experience, I loved listening to my peers opinions about teaching through the discussion forums, and I loved writing the specified papers about detailed things in this course. But if I absolutely had to pick one thing, it would have to be the classroom Observations. I loved doing this because it honestly felt like that point in my life where my dream of teaching had become a reality.
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