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Criminal Mind

No description

Tina rezaei

on 11 December 2012

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Transcript of Criminal Mind

Nature VS Nurture BIOLOGICAL ENVIRONMENTAL GENETIC STUDIES 3 AREAS TO STUDY INNER PASIVITY ZACK FAMILY ABUSIVE CHILDREN Born OR MADE antisocial behaviors in children are caused by poor parenting absent fathers and inadequate mothers who fail to properly socialize their child. Perhaps the child frustrates them or perhaps their parenting skills are subnormal. These children are called sociopaths. fearlessness, aggressiveness, and sensation seeking, all of which contribute to antisocial behavior, where parenting fails, the child with those traits may express them through violence. A good case study is that of Gary Gilmore, who murdered two young men in cold blood and then refused to appeal his death sentence. He was executed in Utah in 1977. Mikal Gilmore, Gary's younger brother, did an extensive search of his family's history to try to determine where things went wrong particularly since of four brothers, Gary was the only outwardly violent one. Mikal traces family secrets, extreme emotional neglect, religious rigidity, and bouts of physical abuse that his brothers endured back to his grandparents - both sets of which rejected the two children who grew up to become Gilmore's parents. Mikal shows as well as any psychologist the life history and possible development of an antisocial personality. NURTURE NATURE great number of criminals have psychopathic tendencies, not all psychopaths are criminals. psychopaths primary psychopaths, secondary psychopaths dissocial psychopaths Diathesis Stress Model jeopardylabs.com/play/criminal-behaviour
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