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No description

Mia Hartung

on 9 April 2014

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Transcript of WOODS RUNNER

A War Orphan
Woods Runner is set in the period of the Revolutionary war. The characters are located in Pennsylvania. The characters wood cabin is located in the woods. Deep in the woods...
Saumel, a thirteen year old boy who lives in a cabin in the woods. Samuel loves hunting and he feels like the deep,thin air forest is a place were he can escape to a whole different world. His parents wanted to move to a quiet place in the woods but hates the outdoors.Even though Samuel has a dad he is really like the "man" of the house. One day when Samuel was hunting he saw smoke were his house was and sprinted towered his house.Something terrible happened! His house was burned to the ground and 9 dead bodies were surrounding his house. His parents were missing...

...The British have come
A Dangerous Adventure
Samuel sets out to find his parents after burrying all 9 bodies who were burned in the fire. When Samuel realizes his parents are missing. He sets outs to find his parents. Samuel has not planned well on his journey. The first forty hours he had been running hunger took him like a wolf. Would you go this far for somebody who you love deeply?
After Samuel gets hit by the tomahawk he is out for a while. He starts having dreams of his mother and images back at home. When Samuel finally wakes up a strange man named Coop is staring at him in front of him chewing tobbaco. Coop has took care of Samuel and tending his wounds. Coop is the reason Samuel didn't die. Soon Samuel went off on his own he couldn't stay in one place or he will get killed.
By Gary Paulsen

Main Characters
Samuel: Brave,loyal,positive Annie: Loving,Brave,Little
Minor Characters
Mom/Dad:indoor people, lucky,loving
Abner Caring,brave,loving
Samuel now has found a Indian camp. They are dancing, singing, and samuel could see there rifle butts as he was watching from afar. Samuel cleared to the trail and two Indians were coming torweds him Samuel shot one and saw a little whole in his chest. The other one hit him in the face with a tomahawk. It all went down hill from there...
Samuel sets of on his own and finds a farm. This farm has very nice people in it. These people who are Caleb,Ma, and Annie. While Samuel's stomach was empty and crying for hunger like a wolf. They fed him a nice filling dinner that could have kept him full for week. After dinner something terrible happened! The Hessian attacked. They burnt the settlement to the ground! The Hessian killed Caleb and Ma by shooting them. They were shooting at Annie but none hit her. After they realized Annie was a war orphan now they had to move fast and run...
Annie has a hard time accepting that her loved ones are dead.Annie was very close to Samuel and she didn't go more then 4 feet away from them. She and Samuel head to New York. One the way they meet this farmer Abner. This farmer was very loving to them. When British soldiers were coming Abner saved them from being capture by hiding with them in the wagon.
Abner,Samuel,and Annie cross the Hudson river and go to this camp were he thought his parents were. Abner got them through by lieing to the British soldiers saying they were bringing food to prisoners. As soon as they got into the camp there stood his mother dumping a bucket of slops in the gutter. Samuel had found his mother! Now his next journey was looking for his father he was at the old suger mill down the street so they set off to there. When they got there there was to many guards to go in so Samuel got a brick and smack him HARD in the head and nearly killed him. They got Samuel's father out. Now they were heading for safety.
A Happily ever After Earned
After Samuel got his mom and dad back he got his mom and dad back they set off back to Philadelphia in a wagon. As they were riding in the wagon British attacked them and nearly almost shot them. They escaped safely and got back on the wagon. Samuel tells his family about Annie. Samuel's mother and father adopt her. Now after a long hard journey with not knowing whats going to happen in the next minute Samuel and his family settle in Philidelphia and try to put this horrifying experience behind them.
The theme of this story is don't give up on something you love even if times are hard.
Roller Coaster
CONFLICT: Samuel's parents get captured by British solders.

RESOLUTION: Samuel meets Abner who helps he and Annie go to the camp were Samuel's parents were captured. Here Samuel did find his parents and they left back to Philadelphia after they escaped from the camp in New york Annie, Samuel, Mom, and Dad.
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