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22 March. NordHelp conference

Paul Molinaro

on 17 August 2010

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Transcript of IntroProc

Reduce child mortality Improve maternal health Combat HIV/AIDS,
malaria & other diseases Ensure environmental
sustainability 189 Governments Types of Supplies A global partnership
for development 4 5 Safe delivery & obstetrics $ transfers Under 5 deaths reduced by 2/3 Vaccine Clean water Paediatric medicine Types of Supplies Maternal mortality reduced by 3/4 Types of Supplies 6 7 Types of Supplies 1/2 & reverse of these and other major diseases Bednets &
antimalarials Diagnostics &
antiretrovirals PMCTC
Mother-Baby Pack RUTF Change & The
Supply Function Year 2000 made a promise Solar and new tech Address needs Financial system Developing country debt Access to essential medicines Access to new tech benefits LDC's, landlocked and small island nations Rules, predictable and fair Deal with it Types of supplies Affordable Fair Trade Innovation The Global Compact ..and Bono The UN Global Compact 10 Principles Support Human Rights No complicity in abuse Uphold freedom of association and collective bargaining Eliminate forced and compulsory labour Abolish child labour End employment and occupational
discrimination A cautionary approach to
environmental challenges Support
Environmental resonsponsibility Businesses develop and diffuse
environmentally friendly technology Work against bribery
corruption & extortion Our Job? ensure these supplies are available globally ensure these supplies are delivered at point of service Agriculture Education 8 Follow us and Thank You! 8 Millennium Development
Goals by 2015 QUESTIONS?

THANK YOU Innovation Product Data Partnership Diversity Network Broadcasting Beep Hierarchy Industry Speed Algorithm Data Awareness Youth Transporting water Urban Carbon Shock! Strategies Contracting
Innovation Innovative Finance
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