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jadlyn smith

on 24 May 2016

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Transcript of Non-Conformity

Extreme Survival is a television show where Ray mears visits a inhospitable place. This is an example of non-comformity is because no normal person would think or dare to do the things Ray Mears does.

The movie Life of Pi exhibits a great symbol of self reliance. I say this because in the movie the main character PI is stuck on a boat alone after a tragic accident. Pi only has his self to rely on in the middle of the ocean to survive.
Importance of Nature
Canadian wildfires have devastated a large area of Canada. The wildfires have ruined homes, crops, and businesses. It also can potential affect Canada climate and air quality.
Reduce, Reuse , and Recycle
The RRR ad campaign is very vital to the survival of earth. These three Rs help to cut down on the amount of trash that sits in landfills . This helps the reduce the amount of trees being cut down to create new paper and things.
Open Minded
Snapchat helps a person display how they feel through words , pictures or videos. This social media site gives some one a free opinion on a subject if they want.
Barack Obama show alot of confidence . He shows confidence in believing that he can become the first black president of the US. He runs the country and makes the decision with out showing any fear in his decisions.
Transcendental Beliefs
the rap song Stan is different because no one has ever made a song about there biggest fan killing there self because he thought eminem was ignoring him. Since this song has drop there still isnt a song like it.
Beyonce shows the upmost confidence in her self and her fans. Beyonce shows this by just dropping an album with any promotions at all. She believes she can do anything and it will be the best.
The Maze Runner
The Maze runner displays self reliance when Thomas only has his self to break his friends out of a maze where they have been trapped.
Crippled America
Crippled America is a book by Donald Trump giving his opinion on whats wrong with America and how it can be fixed.
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