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No description

Caleb Kaufmann

on 30 October 2012

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Transcript of FLY BOY

ERIC WALTERS FLY BOY Plot Summary Robbie McWilliams is the main character and is Canadian as well as the navigator on a Lancaster Bomber. Character Profiles He is then shipped over from Canada to
Britain aboard the Queen Mary and is
assigned to seventy-two squadron. Story Map Today was totally out of hand. We went
on my first bombing trip and it was crazy. I had to plot the courses and the
wind speed as well as help look for enemy planes in the front of the plane
so that the gunners in the back, bottom and top can open fire. Everybody was so calm and I was freaked out. It was absolutely insane. Cartridges were rolling around everywhere and it was so loud with the engines roaring. Everything was so loud, that a scream at the top of the lungs felt like a whisper. That, of course is why we used the intercom. Diary Entry 1 I can't believe that I am actually going to England already!!!
I was fast-tracked because apparently I aced the test given
to Navigators before they are assigned to a flight crew!!!
I'm a little disappointed though because I wanted to follow in my fathers steps to become a pilot. But I'm happy that I get to be fighting the Nazis anyway. Being a Navigator is
okay, I will get used to it over time. Diary Entry 3 Diary Entry 5 The story is about a boy named Robbie McWilliams who is too young to enlist in the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) during World War 2 1943. So he uses the birth documents given to his older brother who died in infancy. Chip his friend, also helps him to get away with it. By telling the headmaster at the boarding school that he was in the hospital sick. But in reality, he is now called David McWilliams after his brother and is in flight training in Brandon, Manitoba. Robbie really wants to follow in his fathers steps and become a spitfire pilot. But Robbie is too smart for training and because he aced all his tests he will become a navigator. Glen the top gunner, is
American and is part of Robbie's
flight crew. He has been in the
war for 2 years even though
America hadn't been on
the war yet and has
flown more missions than anybody. Scotty the Flight Engineer
is from New Zealand. He is
very calm even when attacked
by many foes. He is also very
Canadian like. The wirelesses operators name is
Jacko and he is Australian and a
little on the crazy side. The bomb aimers name
is Drew and he is also
Australian. Sandy the tail gunner
who sits in the back of the
plane mans a machine gun
and is very small which
gives him the advantage to
fit into the turret in
the back of the plane. 1 6 2002 March (cc) image by jantik on Flickr 2 3 4 5 7 8 9 10 The first event is when Robbie
signs up for the RCAF and begins
training in Brandon, Manitoba. Robbie then finishes his training
and is sent to Regina, Saskatchewan
for a British Commonwealth aircraft
training program. The pilots name is Jed and he is from Canada too.
He also has a boy who is almost Robbie's age. He is
married and is a very good pilot. Robbie is then fast tracked because
he has aced all of his tests and he
becomes a navigator. Robbie is now taking lessons
from Mike aboard a Lancaster
Bomber and is soon plotting
all the courses and wind speeds
needed to get them home across
the channel from there bombing
missions. Soon Robbie is assigned to his
permanent flight crew which is
made up of the tail gunner, top gunner,
bomb aimer, navigator, pilot, flight engineer
and the wireless operator. Robbie is a navigator now not
on a Lancaster anymore but is
part of the pathfinders group which
drop incendiary bombs. Robbie begins
his missions, now on a
pathfinder and does very well. One of the missions Robbie
goes on turns out to be
very bad and Robbie does
an emergency landing that
was almost impossible
with Drew
while the
others bailed
out. Robbie is discovered and is sent
home with his medal. He must be eighteen before
he can enlist again. He must also finish school. Diary Entry 2 It is absolutely crazy. Me and my flight crew are
all from around the world. We stand up for each
other and we all feel like a team even though we
are from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, England,
and the United States. We all get along fairly well
and we joke around all the time. I am having such a
time with all these guys. One thing is I wish, though
is having my friend Chip here though Today is the day I finally begin my training
in Brandon, Manitoba. It feels weird saying good bye to my best friend Chip. I'm on the train right now and thank be to God my friends haven't discovered this little book yet. I have a couple new friends
already. They are Johnnie and Jim. Jim is a very
hardworking guy that isn't that strong in work. Johnnie is the exact opposite. He loves to play craps and drink (craps is a game involving dice and betting). Right now I'm studying trying to figure out what I need to know. Diary Entry 4 We have now started our training, and man these guys here are hard on you. The slightest mistake often involves punishment, which usually involves KP (Kitchen Patrol) such as peeling potatoes. This is totally unlike what it is back home. Today we chose our bunks and got our uniforms, our shots and our physical health report. The Personal Rating
that I give this book
is............... I give this book 5/5 stars
because for me it really dragged
me in and I love to read about war. It
dragged me in because it has lot of action in it and I felt as though was there in the book. the book was never confusing and vocabulary he used really went well with the book. The characters sounded really real as well. I felt like I was really there because the setting was so real and I myself had read tons of other books like it. There was action in almost every part of the book too. I loved this book a lot. This is a picture of the plane Robbie wants to fly. This is a flight crew of a
Lancaster bomber. This is a picture from a Lancaster bomber that
Robbie would have been flying. The turrets in the
back are for gunners. THE END This is a picture from inside a Lancaster bomber.
This is where Robbie would have been charting his
wind speeds and calculating the distances needed to get them home. This is where Robbie's dad
would be living after being shot
down over France in a Spitfire. Please take a passport
before reading this book.
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