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PCN 41 Launch Meeting

No description

Francis Reyes

on 11 February 2013

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Transcript of PCN 41 Launch Meeting

Template by Missing Link
Images from Shutterstock.com History of PCN * Started in 1972 as "The Coconut Show" Character Descriptions Icebreaker! Inner Sanctum #PCN41 LAUNCH MEETING: February 7, 2013 What's Inner Sanctum? Co-Producers
Francis Reyes & Robert Fernandez Production Assistant
Ron Inocencio Acting Director
Denyce Abrigo Script Writers
Marinna Benzon, Ben Paz, & Rowena Cabanayan Stage Manager
Jerome Abedania Co-Dance Supervisors
Nate Pati & Ricky De Leon Graphics/Program Design
Justin Pangilinan Music Directors
Blair Nishio & Brendon Escalona Modern Director
Ed Dizon Public Relations
Joy Ng Inner Sanctum is the group of student leaders that hold responsibilities and provide direction to the cast & crew. Finance Director
Audrey Hines OPEN
POSITIONS Finance Director (1) Fundraising Team (2-3) Costume Coordinators (2) House Manager (1) -Handles all monetary needs associated with PCN
-Responsible for advertisements and donations
-Must keep detailed account for all expenditures
-Works directly with fundraising team -Must host a minimum of 3 fundraisers
-Works directly with Public Relations, Finance Director, & COREpe Diem
-Presents innovative ideas for cast presentation -Responsible for the organization of costumes with dance choreographers and actors/actresses.
-Carry a system of lending out and collecting costumes while enforcing a no eating, no smoking, and no drinking rule within close proximity to costumes.
-Responsible for proper storage of costumes during and after PCN -Responsible for recruiting and assigning volunteers.
-Makes sure that the front lobby runs smoothly with ushers, will call, etc.
-Responsible for volunteers during Set-Up (before the show) & Clean-Up (after the show) Script Based on the historical event of the fall of I-Hotel, in the late 70s, this story is about a community coming together. We follow the lives of an array of colorful and dynamic characters from different backgrounds, social classes and generations. Touching upon the themes of Pinayism, Filipino history, Empowerment, Love and the power in Community. Manong Pablo Rivera Joseph De Guzman Sheryl Santos Alden Santos Samantha Santos Olivia Ann Gonzales Aubrey De Guzman Valerie De Guzman J.J. De Guzman Tony Mendoza Darren Santos Daphne Mendoza Synopsis Barangay
- Introduce yourselves in your groups
- Think of dances your group will have to dance in unison
- Groups will call each other out by the "Barangay Tune"
- A group will be eliminated if they cannot think of a dance or if they repeat another group's dance A very old veterano who is often pretty grumpy but is very funny. Very
bitter, cynical and sarcastic. Befriends a young kid named J. J and they
learn how to help each other out. 17 year old high school student. A Shy guy that always gets picked on
at school for coming off too “girly”. Unaware how to be a man. Befriends
Manong Pablo and learns how to be a real hero. 19 year old college student at SFSU. Wildchild. Extroverted. Blunt.
Rebellious and always adventurous. 21 year old college student at SFSU. Follows in her mother’s footsteps.
Very well-mannered. Preppy. Extremely proper. Heavily sheltered. Shy,
naïve, innocent and very kept together. Studious. The chief of police in San Francisco. He is forced to take care of the I-Hotel and destroying it. He is an empty man who lost his family in a rather
ugly divorce. Introverted, shy and not a leader at all. Middle aged mother of three. Very proper and formerly elite. Used to
the elite upper class life when she was married. Recently divorced.
Whitewashed. Neurotic. 17 year old sister of Alden. A bit of a nerdy outspoken girl who is very
active in the community. A bit of a tomboy. Cares a lot about other people. The Lola of 2 grandkids. Very sweet, motherly, traditional and comedic.
She is the mother figure and caretaker, constantly trying to take care of
everyone. A religious woman who does a lot of community service. A 44 year old high school teacher, very well educated. Dating Tony Mendoza. Introverted. Well brought up and very intelligent. Practical. A realist. A 20 year old musician/singer and college student. Recently dumped by his ex. A sarcastic, womanizing badass who has no regards for anyone but himself. Often very angry. Ends up becoming close to Ariana. A 45 year old community activist. Dating Darren Santos and is the Uncle of Kristin Mendoza. Very flamboyant and expressive. Passionate, animated and very loud! 20 year old niece who is a college student living with her uncle Tony. Adventours. Wise beyond her years. An old soul. Know who she is and is comfortable in her own skin. Bi-sexual. Cultural Dances Tribal Muslim Maria Clara Rural Cordillera These are dances that illustrate the fiesta spirit. Exemplifies joy in work, love for music, and the simplicities of life. 1. Lapay - The hovering of seagulls, or the LAPAY, is one of the most typical and beautiful scenes in Barangay Bantigue, Masbate. The LAPAYS makes an engaging portrait of the people's everyday simple way of life. 2. Subli - A ceremonial worship dance performed in homage to the Holy Cross referred to in the vernacular as Mahal Na Poong Santa Cruz. * Needed a space to discuss and explore Filipino American identity, community and culture; what it means to be Filipino American and Asian American Named after a character in Jose Rizal's novel, Noli Me Tangere. This dance exemplifies grace, virtue, and nobility--like the character in the novel. 1. Jota Quirino - Performed during parties, this jota distinguishes itself from other version by using elongated bamboo castanets that were not strung together. 2. Putritos - Gives emphasis on beautiful figures and steps performed by a boy and a girl dressed in Barong Tagalog and Maria Clara, respectively. (This set requires an audition process) Indigenous people that are one with nature. This intricate mixture of nature and spirituality is expressed through their weaving, music, poetry, and movements. 1. Makatod - A young prince who is born high by courtiers and given a place of honor by his people. A notable prop in this dance is a dried palm frond shredded to tiny separate pieces. The palm leaves give a faint hissing sound when shaken. 2. Binaylan - A dance that depicts the movement of a hawk, a hen, and her banog or baby chicks. The tribe killed the sacred and powerful hawk which tried to capture one of the chicks. The expressions convey community and strength. The Cordillera Suites define the microcosm of three communities in the context of peacemaking, marriage and celebration. 1. Lumagen - Performed by the Kalinga, Lumagen is a celebratory dance of thanksgiving from a bountiful harvest. The dancers emulate birds observed during the rice harvest through rhythmic foot work and arm movements. 2. Budong - The Datus, or chieftans, come together to create a Budong--a peace pact to strengthen the unity and create peace within or amongst neighboring tribes. The Muslims in the Philippines, also known as Moros, were able to resist Spanish conquest. The dances are characterized by vivid colors and rhythmic movements which reflect the influence of Arabian and Indo-Malaysian cultures. 1. Silat - The dance is characterized by vigorous movements of the arms and limbs, deep knee bends, and endless turning of the wrists. It is performed by either males or females, or by both. 2. Sagayan - Performers, depicting fierce warriors would carry shield with shell noisemakers in one hand and double-bladed sword in the other attempting rolling movements to defend their master. Modern Contemporary Involves dance styles besides Pilipin@ folk dances that also reflect the modern day Pilipino@ diaspora. These dance styles has developed their own culture and authenticity of the present day generation.
(This set will require an audition process) A free expressive dance form using the total movement potential of the body. Mon. 8-9 PM Weds. 6-7 PM Tues. 8-9 PM Mon. 7-8 PM Thurs. 7-8 PM Thurs. 7-8 PM Tues. 6-8 PM Fri. 6-730 PM Weds. 7-8 PM Thurs. 8-10 PM PCNN TWITTER Facebook Public Relations Social Networking Pilipino Cultural Night News @SFSU_PCN facebook.com/groups/PCN41 sfsupcn.publicrelations@gmail.com Announcements 1st PCN General Meeting 2/11 Dahil Sa'Yo Screening 2/22 Inner Sanctum Call Outs 2/14 PACE Internship Apps due 2/14 KAP Form Apps due 2/27 * A space to connect with homeland, history, and heritage * SF State is home to the longest running PCN in the nation; spread to other schools & has become a right of passage * Currently celebrated 40th Anniversary: "Dahil Sa'yo" PCN Symposium @ USF Kasamahan 2/9 Cultural Coordinator
Resha Mella
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