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Approaches to course design

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Transcript of Approaches to course design

Language-centered course design

Skills-centered course design
A learning-centered approach
English for specific purposes

Jorge Flores
Forum two
Approaches to course design
Identify learner’s
target situation

Select theoretical
views of language

Identify linguistic features of target situation

Create Syllabus

Design materials to
exemplify syllabus items

Establish evaluation procedures tp test acquisition of syllabus items

Identify Target situation

Analyse skills/ strategies required to cope in target situation

Theoretical views of learning

Theoretical views of language

Write Syllabus

Select texts and write exercises to focus on skills/strategies in syllabus

Establish evaluation procedures which require the use skills/strategies in syllabus

Identify target situation

Analyse target situation

A Language-centered approach

considers the learner to here

A skilled-centered approach

Analyse learning situation

Write Syllabus
Write Materials
Teach Materials

Evaluate learner achievement
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