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Merbatty case study

No description

Zaira Tariq

on 10 February 2015

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Transcript of Merbatty case study

(issues and recommendations)

Ethical Issues
(4) Agents vs Staff
(5) Racing boat
(6) JKL (28%)
Issue -
Concerns of Racing boat and Charity work
Jesper's involvement
Missed meeting

(2) Accident at work
Issue -
Health and Safety compromised of employee/s
Jesper acting subjectively
Violation of Professional conduct
Duty of Care
(3) Interior design
Overall & other recommendations
(1) Topcrest
Late delivery of hull
Breach of contract
Late delivery for client
Possible damage to company reputation
No prior late delivery to customers

(1) Terminating sales agents employment
(2) Lack of objectivity, Jesper shows bias in his contribution towards the company
Review Health and Safety management (records)
Drug testing to take place
Jesper should act objectively
Paulo sent to take drug awareness course
Security guards to patrol the boatyard.
Efficient health and safety management (less likely issue to arise again)
Employees will respect company and environment of work.
Less likely to damage company image.
Cooper Design
Arabian Interiors
Suranian based
Established only for 4 years
Won recognition at boat show in 2013
90k EUR per mid-sized boat
Financed by well connected Sheik, limitless funds
Major Factors
Location of the two companies, as travel is costly & long distance meetings not as effective as face to face meetings
professional competency & experience of the two companies
Supplier Fee
Growth opportunities for Merbatty - goodwill
Recommended - Arabian Interiors
Simone address any concerns with Alberto (time not taken out of working hours)
Resolve issue of missed meeting and put procedures in place to ensure recurrence is avoided
'Cost' issue of charitable work is answered by positive charity projects which have resulted as well as company image
Option 1 Accept Topcrest
65,385.60 euros (give or take)
25k subject to change
2 months late
Assurance of not repeating breach of contract
Prior good relations with Topcrest
Topcrest top 3 Hull manufacturers in World
Option 2 New supplier
Cost 50k
Due 15th January 2014
Risk of new supplier and little contingency measures if does not go to plan
Option 3 Negotiate new term with Topcrest
Accept Topcrest proposal
However condition of accepting liability of breach of contract as well as late delivery to customer
Goodwill gesture of shares to balance out liability in financial statement
CIMA Chartered Institute of Management Accountants
200 mile distance from new boat building facility
Long history of high quality designs
Winner of 'best modern design' 2013
100k EUR fee per mid-sized boat
Not to accept project based on calculations
Motivated by self-interest
Research not adequate enough to accept
Contingency measures?
- Break even point 24
P-3000 sold 0 units in 2011 and then 10 units in 2012
High risk
New Zealand team record of 44.15 knots
- Hull design
Additional costs, maintenance
- Value of sponsorship?
Unnecessary to sponsor and race
- Company image
Highest increase in performance boats 10%
Highest decrease in performance boats 36.8%
Add value to company and 5 year plan?
Jesper to conduct more detailed investigation into project
Use of Agents
Exceptionally motivated
Established current industry model
Established client relationships
Use of Staff
Efficiencies & cost reduction needed
Change in boat market
Recommendation to use staff
Greater control established as a result of using in house staff
Staff motivation - performance related incentives
Industry model / clients - employ agents & smooth transition
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