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Pygmy Genocide

No description

Abbey Schad

on 30 January 2014

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Transcript of Pygmy Genocide

more facts
- This ongoing genocide has been active since 1994.

- This genocide has turned into a war in the Congo. They have said that the Congo have the potential to escalate into another round of genocide in the region.

African Pygmy Culture

- Specifically one of the hunter-gatherer people living in equatorial rainforests.
- Pygmies are found throughout central Africa, with smaller numbers in south-east Asia.
- Generally, smaller people tolerate wet and hot conditions better because thy generate less body heat.
The actual genocide
The pygmies, who are a largely primitive, forest dwelling people, have suffered terribly during Congolese civil wars for in the region. Pygmy representatives have pleaded desperately to the United Nations, claiming that rebel fractions such as the movement for the Liberation of the Congo have been hunting and cannibalizing their people as though they were wild animals. There are only an estimated 500,000 pygmies remaining, and their numbers are sharply declining in the face of slaughter and deforestation.
the definition of genocide
1. The deliberate killing of a large group of people especially those of a particular ethnic group or nation.

synonyms: mass murder,mass homicide, massacre, holocaust
Pygmy Genocide
what does the word pygmy mean?

The word pygmy means: any of a small people of equatorial Africa ranging under five feet in height.
what makes the pygmy short?
Pygmies are smaller because in their early teens they don't experience the growth spurt normal in most other humans.
"They started killing people and eating them... I saw they cutting up human flesh, then they were putting it on a fire to grill it. i got scared and ran away, not knowing what else happened behind me."
Those are the words of Amuzati N. a pygmy who escaped the pygmy massacre by a rebel group in Democratic Republic of Congo, the scene of the conflict known as africas "first world war" because the number of parties involved in the struggle for the mineral-rich country.
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