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College Essay

No description

Jennifer Abernethy

on 28 August 2017

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Transcript of College Essay


23,000 + applications to UD in 2011 (University of Delaware College Portrait, 2011).
30,000+ essays to University of Chicago in 2012 ("Common Application Essay Advice," 2013).
2-3 minutes read time per essay (Admissions Essays, 2013).
An Effective
College Essay
What do you do once you pick your essay topic?

Pick topic that fits YOU
Topic reflects a story your transcript doesn't tell
"You're frankly more interesting when you show something other than how perfect you are."
"Being real is better than simply being impressive" (Common Application Essay Answers, 2013).
Be "honest"
Include humor (if relevant)
Try more than one question ("Common Application Essay Advice," 2013).
Answer the question
Approach with originality/ creativity
Never "thesaurize" (Admission Essays, 2013).
Incorporate clear imagery and vivid prose
Craft the intro purposefully
Transition between each paragraph
Conclude effectively (synthesize, not regurgitate)
Write over an extended time period
Revise (Admission Essays, 2013).
Admission Essays. (2013). Tips for college application essay success. Retrieved

from http://www.admission-essays.org/college-application-essay-tips

Common Application Essay Advice for 2013-2014. (30 July 2013). Veritas prep.

Retrieved from https://www.veritasprep.com/blog/2013/07/common-


Common Application Essay Questions for 2013-2014. (13 Feb 2013). Veritas prep.

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University of Delaware. (2013). Application for undergraduate admission.

Retrieved from http://www.udel.edu/admissions/


University of Delaware College Portrait. (2011). New student applications. Retrieved from http://

Miscellaneous Considerations
Consider supplemental essays in addition to the Common App options (Honors programs, some universities)

Ex: "Truth or dare. Have you ever accepted a dare from another individual? What was it? Regardless of the outcome, how did you feel after? Do tell" (University of Delaware, 2013).
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