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Interview Skills

No description

Zara Hooley

on 18 October 2011

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Transcript of Interview Skills

Competancy based interviews. Interviews Do your research..this includes finding out what assessment activities are going to happen on the day. (See 'other recruitment methods' topic). What kind of interview will you be given?

Competancy based?
Commercial Awareness/ Buisness line?

We will look into each of these during this topic. What advice can employers give us? The technique decribed in that clip can be summarised as

C ontext
A ction
R esult What is the context of your evidence? e.g.

"Whilst I was working as a course representative for the department of Ancient History the following situation occurred.."(describe the situation or issue).

What action did you take?

"In order to resolve this situation I organised a meeting between the course leader and the group of students concerned.."

What was the result?

"As a result of that meeting that department agreed to expand the number of drop in help sessions, and the issue was resolved". Biographical interviews. This style of interviewing is more common for casual or temporary jobs. You may have experienced it when interviewing for part time paid work. Most interviews will have a biographical element, often at the beginning. Below are some example questions. The biographical questions will normally be based on the information you have submitted in the application form or your C.V Tell me about your last holiday job, what did you learn from it?

What did you study at A-Level? Why did you choose those subjects?

What element of your experience at University has taught you the most? Why? The key to answering these type of questions is to know your application form and C.V, and to have considered what an employer might ask you about. Consider how you can demonstrate skills relevant to the post through your experience. http://www.careerplayer.com/tips-and-advice/general-advice/curveball-interview-questions.aspx There will always be questions that you weren't expecting. Check out the link below for some tips. Commercial Awareness Employers will expect you to have a clear understanding of the industry you are applying for. Questions on this topic may be asked as part of a separate business line interview, or as part of the main interview. See examples below.

What do you think are the main challenges facing the sector over the next 3 years?
Tell me about a recent book/article/T.V programme that has sparked your interest?
(For creative industries) What was the last gallery, or exhibition that you visited?
Whose work do you most admire from the sector?

Often these questions can seem very general, but they are always a way for you to demonstrate your knowledge and enthusiasm for the company or industry. It is important to stay up to date with what is going on in your chosen sector. Use the discussion board below to list the various methods and sources that you can use to stay informed between now and when you begin job seeking.

Be specific, list sources appropriate to your chosen industry. If you are undecided, either pick an industry you are interested in, or choose sources appropriate to your degree discipline. You have now completed the interview topic. Press escape to return to the Unit 3 menu, or move on to the final submission. Evidence Collection Point http://friendfeed.com/zoeenstone/731d3606/november-2011-cohort-unit-3-interview
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