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Brooke Duarte

on 30 May 2013

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Transcript of Fireflies

Food/Diet Fireflies * A firefly has body chemicals that mix together with the muscles in its body, which creates light to the rear end of the beatle. * A firefly is actually a beetle. It has six legs, an antennae, wings, and 3 body sections. Kinds Of Fireflies * There are over 2,000 different kinds of fireflies. * Fireflies are usually black or brown with colored marks on their body. A Firefly`s Body * Each kind of firefly has its own unique flash. How they flash * A firefly is about the size of an adult`s fingernail. * Fireflies eat small insects such as snails, slugs, and gnats. * Frogs, birds, lizards and many kinds of insects eat fireflies. * Some male fireflies have a foul tasting poison in their bodies that prevent others from eating them. * Chemicals in the under part of the firefly (luciferin and luciferase) mix with air to make a flash of light without creating heat. * A firefly takes in air through holes in their sides. * Fireflies shine brighter in warmer weather. Life Cycle * A firefly has four stages of growth:
egg - larva - pupa - adult. This takes over two months. * Eggs hatch a few days after they are laid. * Adult fireflies live only long enough to mate and lay eggs (if a girl) * People hurt fireflies by taking over areas where they live and by using insect sprays. Why They Flash * After dark, male fireflies in the air flash UNIQUE signals to females on the ground. If a female is interested, she flashes back so that the male can find her on the ground and mate. Life Cycle By: Brooke Duarte Eggs Larvae Pupa Adult Firefly
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