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Constança Coelho

on 24 January 2014

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Transcript of Portugal

Portugal in Europe map

10 562 1785 people

Geral information

- Total 92 0903 km²
Official Language
Portugal's map
Praça do Comércio
Marquês de Pombal
Costa da Caparica
Torre de Belém
Fado is a typically Portuguese musical style. It is usually sung by one person (Fadista), accompanied by Portuguese guitar and classical guitar. Amalia Rodrigues was one of the most popular fado singers, both in Portugal and abroad. After her death, Amalia, is still remembered by many as the greatest fado singer ever.

Amália Rodrigues
Porto wine, produced for centuries in the Douro region, is typically Portuguese. Many years ago, when Portugal was in crisis, it was necessary to increase national productivity. For that, they began to produce wine in the Douro region. Several wealthy families began to buy our wine, and than was born one of the most famous Portuguese products exported from the Oporto to all the world. There is red and white Porto, for every taste!

Vinho do Porto (Porto wine)
Grilled sardines is one of the most typical Portuguese dishes. Grilled sardines are normally eaten with boiled potatos and a green salade. But during the Populat Saints’ season they are traditionally eaten on a bread slice. Although they can be eaten during all the year, it is in summer that they taste better. The Portuguese are very fond of this dish, either at picnics or at home “grilled sardines" are always a must!

Cozido à portuguesa
Portuguese stew is a traditional Portuguese dish. It is a dish of vegetables, cooked meats and Portuguese pork sausages. The vegetables can be beans, potatoes, carrots, turnips, cabbage and rice. The meats can be pork (ribs, flank, sparks and ear) and beef. The sausages are typical Portuguese fumed pork sausages. These ingredients make a very strong dish ideal for winter.
Bacalhau (Cod fish)
The portuguese are the biggest consumers of cod in the world. In portugal, cod became a very popular food and accessible to the entire population. It is the main dish for Christmas along with boiled potatoes and cabbage or boiled greens.
Santos Populares (Popular Saints)
June is a time of joy and celebration in Portugal. It is the the month of the popular saints: St. Anthony , St. John and St. Peter. Grilled sardines, dancing in the streets, brasil and popular rhymesthe .Portuguese tradition in June, mainly in Lisbon and Porto.

-Euro (€)
In the early nineteenth century, in Belém, close to Jerónimos Monastery, there was a sugar factory and associated to it a small local shop. As a consequence of the liberal revolution of 1820, in 1834 all the monasteries of Portugal were closed and the clergy expelled. In an attempt to survive someone of the Monastery started to sell in that shop some sweet pastries that rapidly became known as the famous "Pastéis de Belém".

Pastéis de Belém
Miradouro de S.Pedro de Alcântara
Fonte Luminosa
First King
D. Afonso Henriques
Portuguese discoveries
and explorations
During the 15th and 16th centuries, Portugal was a leading European power, ranking with England, France and Spain in terms of economic, political, and cultural influence.
The most spoken
language in the world
José Saramago
The only portuguese Nobel Prize
Cristiano Ronaldo
5 February 1985 (age 28)
Current club: Real Madrid
Number: 7
Daniela Ruah
Born: December 2, 1983 (age 30)
Portuguese American actress best known for playing NCIS Special Agent Kensi Blye in the CBS series NCIS: Los Angeles.
José Mourinho
Date of birth 26 January 1963 (age 50)
Portuguese football manager, who is the current manager of Chelsea.
Beautiful places
in Portugal
Palácio da Pena (Sintra)
Malhão (Vila Nova de Mil Fontes
Serra da Estrela



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