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Becoming a Master Student

No description

Barrington Taylor

on 7 October 2015

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Transcript of Becoming a Master Student

Becoming a Master Student
Making a Smooth Transition
by Group 3

Does where I study matter?
Yes, during the action of studying your brain is supposed to be focused on one thing. It is nature that many people cannot block out all noises and so on.
Step 3: Establishling Study Routines
How often do you study for class? Keep in your mind that every class needs it OWN study time. Whether its a yoga class or chemical engineering set time aside to study. This will work toward you creating your own schedule.
Steps to make your transtion smoother
During this process of making the transition into a master student, be open to these tips, be willing to apply all information for your benefit.
Step 1: Taking notes
Always take notes, whether you know the material or not. Reason for is because this will become a routine for learning. It is not good to depend on memory for what you need to know. So take notes
Step 2: Read Directions
As students many of us work visually, we see what needs to be done on the paper and just go for it. Not knowing if its correct or not because we skipped the directions. To avoid having to go back just read and follow directions thoroughly.
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