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Feminism and Spirituality

A brief introduction to Feminism and Spirituality and the nature and practices of Covens.

Ashley Hatchel

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Feminism and Spirituality

Feminism and Spirituality Belief System Myth Affiliation Experiences Ritual Organization and Leadership Disaffilation Symbols The Pentagram is the most notable of all Wiccan Symbols
Each Bar on the Star represtents one the five senses
Each point on the circle represents one of the five elements
The circle itself shows the circular path of creation

Wiccan Wedding Ritual

Ritual of the Self Mysticism in Everyday Life Self as Manifestations of the Goddess/God Gender and Spirituality Anti-Authoritarian Laboratory of Social Experimentation Lack of Authority creates a lack of a central or traditional gender roles Trends in Gender Roles
Re-imagining of the three aspects of woman
Maid, Mother and Crone
Re-empowerment of individuals during rituals
Self delcaration of affiliation Not necessary to join a coven to practice Being born into a coven Covens are fluid in nature Coven: Local group that participates
The Goddess and God The Coven Power to discourse Confer and confirm self-identy as a witch http://youtube.com/watch?v=sdkmv6rogf8 Pantheism, Polytheism, Animisn The Maiden, Mother and Crone Moon Goddess and Sun God Otherworld and Reincarnation Magic as a Gift Law of Threefold Return Five Elements Craft Law or Ardanes Religion of Ritual Esbat (New Moon) Many Leave and Return Three Degrees High priest and priestess Book of Shadows Triquetra
Mind, Body and Spirit
Maiden, Mother and Crone
Symbol of Protection Triple Goddess
Maiden, Mother and Crone
Virginity, Fertility and Wisdom
Waxing, Full and Waning Moon Varied for each person
Community Life
Religious Expereinces
Solitary Study Usually lasts less than 2 years No Official Recruitment Myths vary among covens Borrow from many ancient cultures http://uniwolf2.tripod.com/childrenoftheearth/id5.html A Wiccan Creation Myth Goddess Has Taken Many Forms Horned God of Earth and Goddess of the Moon http://theunstained.xanga.com/videos/492c2676694 Sabbat
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