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Top 6 minerals in my opinion

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marley brown

on 23 October 2015

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Transcript of Top 6 minerals in my opinion

People use minerals everyday in places like at their job, in their food, even in their house. The top six minerals in my opinion are copper, gypsum, diamond, quartz, sulfur, and silver.
Copper is used in cables, wires, switches, plumbing, heating, roofing construction, and cooking utensils. This means that copper can conduct heat and electricity well. copper is useful for electricians and plumbers.
Sulfur is used for fungicides, sulfuric acids, explosives, fuel, and fertilizers. Sulfur is used for a lot of different things. sulfur is important because it helps to create fuels that we can use. It also helps to make fertilizers.
Diamonds are used for cutting tools, blades, and jewlry. Diamonds are important because they are used for tools to make them tougher because a diamond is a 10 on the mohs hardness scale. Diamonds are used by lumber jacks because the use blades to cut wood. Diamonds are also a very valuable mineral which are used in jewlry making for things like wedding rings or proposal rings.
Top 6 minerals used
by:Marley Brown
Gypsum is used for wall board, cement, fertilizer, and soil fertilizer. Gypsum is important because it is used by builder to make houses. Gypsum helps farmers also because it makes fertilizers for the plants and soil.
Quartz are used to make radio, t.v., clocks, jewlry, sand paper, ceramics, pressure gauges, computers, and lenses. Quartz are important because they help to make a lot of our electronics that we have. Without quartz we wouldnt have things like t.v or computers.
Silver is used in photography, chemistry, jewlry, electronics, mirrors, batteries, and dental and medical care. Silver is very important because it helps create things like dental and medical care. silver can save someones life. Silver is used by photographers in their photos.
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