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Copy of Mechanical Engineering

No description

kirby rainer

on 23 February 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Mechanical Engineering


Presented By
Kirby Rainer
A Sample of Classes
Schools im considering.
At least a Bachelor's Degree is required
Can take 4-5 years
No higher degree is required
Calculus I-IV
Fluid Mechanics
Core Classes
Heat transfer
Electric cicuts and electronics
Computer science and design
After College
Qualities of a Good Engineer
Creative problem solver
Math and science
Have good communication
Hard worker
Work well in a
Want to make the
world better
1-2 years
Meant to make sure of competency
Entry Level Work
Usually working under a senior mechanical engineer
Continuing learning practical applications
After a few years of entry level work and training, one can take a test to become a certified mechancial engineer
Job Facts
Average salary- $80,580 annualy
Top 10 percent earn $121,530 annually
Job outlook is only growing by 4%
There are many opportunities, in many fields.
APE, ICE, Bauer,Ford, Toyota, Boeing, LG&E, Lexmark, Clorox
High salary
Wide variety of fields
to go into
Job security
Math and science
Slower than average job growth
Long hours
Takes a lot of work to receive degree
Need very good communication skills
Why do I want to be
a mechanical engineer?

I Want To Change The World
When you become a mechanical engineer, the basis of your whole job is to make the world better for others.
Not only will I get to design cool new products, I also get to redesign older things and improve them.

I want to be responsible for creating the future everyone dreams of
Introverted: Focus their energy observing the world, generating ideas and possibilities. We are most at home in our own heads thinking problems through.
Intuitive:Generate abstract possibilities of information gathered. We think about future implications of current problems.
Thinking:I make decisions through thnking, relying on logic and reason. I try to be rational, logical, impartial, and fair.
Judgemental:My daily attitude towards the outside world is judgemental. I am organized, structured, scheduled,decisive and controlled.
I am interested in making a difference. In a honest days work. I value having a career that matters, in always bettering yourself. I value family, and am fascinated by workings of our mechanical world.
Mechanical engineers have to analyze a problem and develop a solution with bigger picture in mind.
Mechanical engineers have to oversee, projects, processes, and personal. I.N.T.J. are natural leaders, even if it is from background as long as problem is solved competently.
Mechanical engineers can make a difference in the world, alter workings mechanical devices for better, and have means to raise support family.
My pathway to:
My Life Today. My friends are my coworkers. Or fellow recovering addicts in NA.
I have 4 children(cats,dogs) that I take care of. They let me live in thier house. I love them even though im just their pet.
I have a mother and father who are proud of me. I have temporarily won the battle over addiction in my quest to better myself and the world.
Sophie, my Owner
Coco, my child
Harry, my friend and owner.
Caroline and Sarah, friends in recovery
Caroline and Jess who is now teacher.
Father, and usually most immature friend.
Mother, Graduated lonestar with a 4.0 Gpa now Project superintendant
Nephew, awesome little guy
My goddaughter. Shes in all advanced classes.
My truck, and worktruck.
Im a Mechanic at APE
I repair malfunctioning machines.
Hydralic powerunit that didnt want to start.
Powerunit finally cooperating.
On site in L.A. diesel hammer overheating
Diesel hammer failing,
Notice smoke from bottom.
Testing a Hammer at shop.
*That is why I want to become a Mechanical Engineer.
*I want to move forward in life and move up in position.
*Working now I often times design a better functioning part to a machine, or a better designed machine. Without the training it's pure speculation and imagination.
*I am getting my AAS degree in mechanical engineering at Lonestar Montgomery.
*I will move on to a 4 year university to complete
my Bachelors.
After highschool she wants to go to A&M for Chemical Engineering.
Its replacing hammer in L.A.

*MIT has great engineering programs. Some of which are offered online.
*A&M has great engineering programs as
well, but is limited by engineering programs offered online.
*CUE Has great engineering programs as
well, it's an engineering school.
*I'm looking at CUE the hardest. Since it caters
to engineers it has all engineering classes
available, for any major or minor in engineering.
*The classes are available online as well. I would have great options available for a minor, would never have to leave Texas.
All these schools have accredited engineering programs offered online.
*Im planning on working for same company after I recieve my bachelors.
*I will probably intern in corporate office in Kent, Washington.
*APE engineer's would have to move to corporate office. Or travel for individual projects and work from the house.
*I already travel alot working for them, I would be under same conditions, just for longer periods of time.
My Goal in 2 years
*I plan on working at same company were I am a technician.
*I plan on pursuing work, as mechanical engineer after I recieve 2 year degree, due to my 8 years experience in field.
*I will live in Texas, traveling for periods of time to corporate. I will also probably work in shop in Texas when home.
*I will pursue the same income I currently make. I will request a increase in hourly wage, followed by a decrease in hours so I have more time to purse engineering side of the job Im taking on.
*Decrease in hours will better facilitate pursuite of 4 year degree at CUE.
Mechanical Engineering at APE
Pursuing new industrial standards
Finding solutions to foundation problems
designing new equipment for new foundation installation processes
Present equipment and processes to customers.
Continuing to push brink of what is possible
American Piledriving Equipment
I would be a Mechanical Engineer for APE.
Salary range for company 50k to 150k,
Corporate office in Kent, Washington.
I would work in corporate or at branches throughout the USA. I would travel out of country for issues in Mexico or China.
I would were proffessional casual attire, or sometimes traditional uniform from Cintas.
I would work as part of team under head engineers, redesigning equipment, fixing design flaws, designing new methods and equipment for deep foundation problems.
The overall reason for working is to live.
Mechanical engineer's have time and finances to raise a family.
Becoming a Mechanical Engineer will decrease hours im working. Better allowing the start of a family. However I will be away from home for long periods of time, thats nothing a strong relationship cant handle.
I plan on living in a modest house or trailer in the country in Texas.
I do not plan on buying an extravagent house, my income is invested into a 401k that will be used for purchase renthouses around Harris and montgomery counties.
Although my 5 year plan is to become an engineer my 10 and 20 year plans are to not have to work or to have my own company.
Due to this my vehicles, clothes, and houses I live in will always be modest. What matters is long term goals.
One of the most important things in life is family. I plan on having one of my own with 1 to 3 children.
I will have a modest wife who shares same dreams as me to retire young enjoy life, and leave a legacy through our children
My future vehicle both work and personal
My future house...and my rent houses.
My future uniform, both in and out of shop.
My future family
My 5 year goals
The future is what you make it
overseeing new equipment and processes in shop and on site.
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