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Femi AndPrezi

on 20 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

IMAX PROMOTIONAL IDEA #2 4 Marketing Segments 3 community
events Promotional ideas for the 3 community events At the Spring Art Festival, we can have decorated banners and posters promoting the IMAX Theater. We can also give out coupons that says "Buy any piece of art and watch your first movie at the IMAX free!" The IMAX
COMING SOON TO YOU IMAX PROMOTIONAL IDEA #1 At the Spring Break Half-Marathon, we can give out rubber bracelets and water bottles promoting the IMAX Theater. IMAX For the children, we can set up a carnival promoting IMAX. There will be different activities and treats for them. We can play a movie. 2. For the young adults and parents, we can set up a wine and dine event promoting the IMAX. We can give out wine samples, cheese, and business cards. 3. and 4. The opening date for the IMAX will be December 1st 2014. I chose this date because I would like for the theater to be finished rather than getting money faster. It would be nice to get money faster, but I don't want customers seeing that the theater's construction work isn't finished. That would make us look bad, and we would probably loose customers! Opening date for IMAX IMAX THEATER PROJECT IMAX THEATER UNDR CONSTRUCTION IMAX UNDER CONSTRUCTION IMAX 1. Spring Break Half Marathon- 2ND Saturday in April.
2. Spring Art Festival -1ST Saturday in June
3.October Fright Nights -3RD Saturday in October 3 Community Events PROJECT IMAX THEATER RESOURCES 1. For the Seniors, We can have a day called " Seniors night". We will play any movie made back in the day! We can serve free popcorn. 4 Marketing Segments Opening
Date for the IMAX IMAX IMAX
CONSTRUCTION Did you hear about IMAX? IMAX I can't wait for the IMAX to open! IMAX is being talked about everywhere! IMAX PROMOTIONAL IDEA #3 At the October Fright Nights, we can set up a screening of any scary movie. Under 10 of the seats there will be awards for people. Those who have an award will be able to watch their first two movies at the IMAX free! I will announce it at the end of the movie. 4.
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