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Figure Skating


hermoine granger

on 31 March 2014

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Transcript of Figure Skating

Figure Skating
1. Waltz Jump
2. Salchow
3. Toe-loop
5. Flip
6. Lutz
7. Axel
Figure Skating Jumps Vocab
This jump is called the waltz because it is the simplest jump. It is a "stretch out jump" that you see skaters doing in warmups. This jump takes off in a forward direction.
Waltz Jump
Figure Skating Vocab Spins
1. Scratch Spin
2.Sit Spin
3. Camel Spin
4. Layback
5. Broken Leg
6. Pancake
7. Turtle
Figure Skating
This jump was named after Ulrich Salchow. This is the second easiest jump. Skaters do a one-foot three turn and then jump. They rotate one time in the air, then land on one foot.

Figure skating is a very old sport. It began about 4000 years ago in Finland. The first ever skates used were flattened bone strapped to the bottom of the feet. Steel blades were invented in the 13th century.
By Kate Mathias, Olivia Gray, and Jade opatz
Toe Loop
Figure Skating Extras

3.shoot the duck
Toe loop is the first toe jump. This is a full revolution jump. This jump is very easily pulled off by skaters. This jump is named after it's appearance.
The flip is a jump like a toe-loop but is entered on a different foot. The flip is not named after anyone. It is not like a flip in gymnastics or any other sport.
The loop is similar to the toe loop, except that it has no toe-pick assist in the jump. The loop jump is called a Rittberger in Europe, after Werner Rittberger.
bone skates
The Lutz is one of the most recognizable jumps because it is entered from a very long backwards glide. This is a Counter rotated jump. This jump is named after Alois Lutz, who invented the jump.
Scratch Spin
Sit Spin
Camel Spin
Broken Leg Spin
The axel is different because it is the first jump with one and a half rotations. It also is the intro into double jumps. It was named after Axel Paulsen who was the first to complete the jump.
Pancake Spin
Turtle Spin
The scratch spin was not named after anyone. The spin has it's name because of it's appearence. The legs are crossed so it appears they are scratching the ice with their toe-pick.
Camel spins get their name because when performing this spin, the skaters back is curved like a camel.
The sit spin is performed with one leg lifted straight out in front of the skater. This jump is called sit spin because the skater bends down and appears to be sitting. Then the skater spins while one leg is forward.
The layback gets it's name because while performing the spin, you lean backwards and lift your leg towards your head.
The pancake spin gets it's name because when you are performing this spin, you look like a pancake.
The broken leg spin is named for it's position. The non-skating foot is in an awkward position which makes it appear broken.
The turtle name, like most spins was named simply for it's appearence. It looks like this.
Figure Skating Extras

1. Shoot the Duck
2. Spiral
3. Lunge
4. Bunny Hop
Shoot the Duck
The shoot the duck is a skating move where the skater puts their leg out in front of them and squats.
The spiral was named a spiral because the move used to be done in a spiral pattern.
Kate Mathias's previous knowledge
A lunge is a skating move where you drag your leg behind you while you keep moving forwards or backwards. This move was named after the excersice.
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