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Unpacking SAC 4: Analysis of historical interpretations

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Liam Brooks

on 25 August 2017

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Transcript of Unpacking SAC 4: Analysis of historical interpretations

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Unpacking SAC 4: Analysis of historical interpretations
What are we allowed to use?
What is the structure of the SAC and how does it affect the way I should do it?
You will do
two analyses
of historical interpretations.

Questions will follow an
A/B/C format

You may get thrown
one source
to analyse or
multiple sources
Wednesday 13 September, 3:30 - 4:45

Exam centre


An analysis of historical interpretations (i.e historians' opinions)
(A, B, C-style questions)

70 minutes - 10 minutes reading time, 60 minutes writing time.

Unpacking structure of A & B
Unpacking structure of C
One source...
LI: To gain an overview of the requirements and resources for SAC 4: Analysis of historical interpretations.

SC: Students will know what the task is and, more importantly, how to thoroughly prepare for it.
Multiple sources...
Question 1 (20 marks)

Using the source and your own knowledge, describe the reasons for the discontent felt by those on the war front and also those on the home front regarding Russia’s involvement in World War I.
5 marks

Using the source and your own knowledge, explain the challenges faced by the Bolsheviks in mobilising society.
5 marks

Analyse the significance of World War I as a cause of the Russian Revolution in 1917. In your response, refer to the source provided and other views.
10 marks
*** Teacher note: Present this lecture as the second half of Week 2 Lesson 1: The Antis Campaigns.

Go through that lesson (about 30 minutes), except for the teacher-led unpacking of an A-style question.
Then go through this Prezi outlining the SAC.
Then go back to Week 2 Lesson 1 and do the teacher-lead unpacking of A-style question.
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