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The Glass Menagerie

Laura, Alayna, Meghan, Emily, Hew, Diedri

Laura Szuba

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of The Glass Menagerie

Plot summary, Characters, and significance The Glass Menagerie Bellwork Write down a vivid memory you will never forget.
Is there something you regret? Plot Exposition:
Introduction of the theme, provides background information, establishes setting, and introduces characters

We are introduced to a family of three. Tom is telling a story about his family,particularly his sister, Laura, from his memory. They are in their apartment, and as the exposition continues each of them reveal unique characteristics. Plot Rising Action: Series of events that lead to the Climax, the conflict is presented along with character flaws.

We begin to notice Tom's frustration and desire to leave his family, but he does not wish to hurt his mom, Amanda, or Laura. He leaves every night to go to the movies, because he loves adventure and desires to escape from reality. Tom reflects his father's actions when he left his family for very similar reasons. Plot Plot Climax: the turning point when highest emotions are achieved

Jim tries to make Laura confident in herself, because her limp makes her feel self-conscious. To make her feel better, Jim tells her she is beautiful and just needs to have a man kiss her. Laura grows fond of Jim, and by the end of their conversation lets him kiss her. Plot Falling Action: Follows climax and leads to the resolution.

After the kiss, Jim reveals that he is engaged. He leaves the house and Amanda is upset at Tom for bringing home an engaged man for Laura. Tom and Amanda argue, which pushes Tom further away from the family. Plot Resolution: Problems of the story are resolved.

Tom leaves his family to pursue adventure like his father, leaving his sister and mother to fend for themselves. And now Tom is reflecting on this memory. Characters Amanda: Single mother, loud, outgoing, self-conceited, pushy, lives through her children, talks about herself, good intentions Significance of a memory play Laura: Sister, shy, crippled, single, 23, self-conscious, low self-esteem, collects glass animals, awkward Tom: Brother, independent, frustrated, adventurous, drunk, loner, unfulfilled, hot-tempered Jim: Gentleman caller, outgoing, charismatic, charming, confident, good intentions, symbol, "he is the long-delayed, but always expected something that we live for" (Williams 1161) Father: Left for traveling/adventure, only appears in a photograph on the mantle The fact that the memory explains why there is no full resolution to the play. Tom is simply remembering this incident because in the end, his family is important to him. He seems to regret leaving Laura like he did, and will never forget it because this was one of the most important decisions of his life. Rising Action (continued):

Amanda wants to get a gentleman caller for Laura, so Tom is forced to invite a coworker, named Jim, to dinner. Laura recognizes him as the boy whom she liked back in high school. She avoids him at dinner until when the power goes out and Jim approaches her in the other room. She shows him her glass menagerie, especially her favorite animal which was the unicorn because it was unlike all the others.
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