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Comparative Analysis and Text Adaptation

Activity session on ELLA Unit 3 Exam question

nicola gibson

on 17 December 2012

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Transcript of Comparative Analysis and Text Adaptation

Aim : To Answer an Exam Style Question

LO: Apply Prior knowledge and skills to timed exam based activities.
LO: Work as part of a team to achieve the set tasks.
LO: Assess Peers work using the marking scheme and offer appropriate feedback. Comparative analysis
& Text Adaptation ELLA 3 Exam part one requires you to compare three unseen texts. Time to assess you answers. Today we are going to work in groups
To assess three texts,
Plan an essay answer
Construct that answer.
Mark the answer of another group.
Follow up work:
To consider own groups work
The feedback offered
Plan for development. Now you have studied two texts you need to find out about the third. All good things come in 3s Using your own notes and the planning grid provided devise a plan to answer the question.
Your plan must be clear and concise but must include details of all the elements that your answer should contain.

Use the prompt cards given to remind you of the exam requirements to fulfill the assessment objectives.
You have ten minutes! Now you are familiar with all three texts it is time to plan your answer. Each member swap their part with another team member who must read it allowed to the group.
Listen carefully to each section in turn.
You must all agree the content of each section and consider that they all work as part of a whole answer.
Have you covered all elements of your plan.
Is there anything you want to add or alter.
You are also proof reading for grammar and punctuation.
Work quickly you only have twenty minutes to confirm your answer as a team. Time to review you answers: Using the marking scheme read the work of another group and allocate marks.
Carefully consider the mark band you allocate and write some feedback as a group to evidence your decisions. Task One:
3 minutes to reread and annotate Martin Luther Kings 'I have a dream'. The Journey Task Two:
2 minutes to record your annotations on the analysis sheet provided. The Next Step In groups you are now going to consider another text in detail.
Working as a team
the text.
You have ten minutes! Individually record your findings on the analysis sheet provided.
You have five minutes! The next step! In groups those students who studied text A must report to those whose studies text B and vice versa.
Students must then skim read the text that is new to them.
You have six minutes for this task! The next step The next step Get organised:
You now have one minute to delegate the parts of the answer to team members. Each team member must now write their part of the answer.
You have ten minutes! Just one more step. Almost there. You must compare the text by showing how language is used to convey ideas and attitudes.

Key skills
Reading the unseen texts both quickly and accurately.
Focusing on the relevant information
Maintaining a relevant focus to the question.
Showing how meaning is conveyed in the text.
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