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Epic Hero Project

No description

Doyoung Jeong

on 16 December 2014

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Transcript of Epic Hero Project

Epic Hero
Prashant Kolachala, David Tran, Jinny Sung, Doyoung Jeong
The epic hero from The Idylls of the King and Morte d' Arthur
King Arthur
A tragic plot that includes war and romance conflicts that takes place in England and France. Arthur is the king of all England, but has moved to France because of disputes with Lancelot.
It starts with the founding of the Round Table by Arthur's wife, Gwenyvere. It is made up of 150 knights.
After the founding of the Round Table, Lancelot arrives and his love for Gwenyvere conflicts.

- King Arthur is a mythological character who was brought up during medieval times.
There is not much in the way of historical evidence and documentation of a King Arthur.
It is speculated that he was a former general that stayed in Britain in the early to mid 5th century.
This man was also titled, "the one, true King of the Britons."
History of The Epic
- He was the head of the kingdom Camelot, and the Knights of the round table.
- King Arthur is known for his quest to retrieve the Holy Grail, which at one time held the blood of Christ.
- King Arthur was also known for his sword, Excalibur; he obtained this sword by pulling it out of stone.
- In Arthurian literature there are two types of King Arthur
There are also other stories including Excalibur, a sword he pulled out of the stone, and the Holy Grail.
In one version, he pulled
Excalibur out
of a stone. In another version,
he got it from
the Lady of the Lake.
- One side of him is shown as kind, wise, strong, and almost near invincible, and the other side of him is more relatable.
Comprehensive Bibliography
The legend of King Arthur was first documented by the Welsh cleric, Geoffrey of Monmouth, in the
Historia Regum Britanniae
in 1136 A.D.
While in prison, Thomas Malory had composed a loose collection of tales and documents relating to the figure of King Arthur which would be known as
Le Morte d' Arthur
The English poet, Alfred Lord Tennyson, wrote a collection of 12 poems into an epic about King Arthur named
The Idylls of the King
in 1859 A.D.
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- In most stories King Arthur is depicted in, he is shown as to have very human like qualities.
- Arthur is also seen to be childish at times. Many of these occurrences include when Arthur ignores Merlin, his advisers, advise. When he ignores Merlin it tends to back fire.
Impact II
The legends of King Arthur would also fuel many wars and rivalries for unification of Britain.
Many kings of both Wales and England claimed to have a direct lineage from Arthur himself.
Politicians would try their best to merge fiction into reality to legitimize the claims of their kings to either the Welsh or English throne.
King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table introduced an idea that was well received by French and English lords.
It was the idea of Chivalry that was brought up by the honorable men who sat at rounded tables.
Chivalry would be the system of honor, civility, and order that would govern kings and knights alike in almost every aspect of life for centuries ahead.
Morte d'Arthur displays cultural conflict between government and society.
People were motivated by economic gain, power, and love.
Some of the themes presented in "The End of the Roundtable" are loyalty and honor.
Loyalty to the king and the queen was especially valued.
The epics show victorian morality, which is a set of homogeneous values that encouraged the prevention of crime and taught the importance of social ethics.
Faith is important in choosing the members of the Round Table.
A possible knight must prove his faith with God, himself, family, and the king.
The author incorportates the importance of Christianity and shapes King Arthur as a good representation of a Christian.
King Arthur forms a government in the kingdom of Camelot in an attempt to stabilize social relations.
Arthur led and controlled over the Knights of the Round Table.
The government emphasized chivalry, which is what summed up the necessary characteristics of a knight during the medieval time period.
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