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ForeverLawn of South Jersey: Our Portfolio

A quick overview of all of our products and services with details regarding each segment. For more information, visit

ForeverLawn of South Jersey

on 8 November 2017

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Transcript of ForeverLawn of South Jersey: Our Portfolio

Outdoor Installation Process
“The only synthetic turf designed specifically for dogs”
The ForeverLawn Difference
Quality from the Ground Up:
DuPont™ ForeverLawn®
Select Synthetic Grass
• Applications:
• Roof tops
• High-Traffic Areas
• Shaded Areas
• Cost-Effective

Installation Process
Case Study: Spectrum Park at Watkins Mill
Gaithersburg, M.D.
DuPont™ ForeverLawn® Landscapes
Benefits of Playground Grass
ASTM 1951 ADA compliant
ASTM 1292
Greatly reduced maintenance
Installation Process and Under-laying Options
Playground Grass vs. Standard Surfacing
Other Resilient Surfacing
Significant UV ray breakdown
Unattractive overtime
Short warranty
Difficult to repair
Poor edges and transitions
Loose fill surfacing
Is not ADA friendly
Inconsistent fall safety
Not uniformed surface
High maintenance
Need to replenish annually
Not aesthetically appeasing
No built in antimicrobial protection
Harbors insects and bacteria
Eliminates need to refill
More attractive appearance
Antimicrobial protection
Redefining Playgrounds
Case Study: Quitman St. School in Newark, NJ
The K9Grass Difference
Who loves K9Grass?
Dense knit pile
Flow-through backing
Antimicrobial protection
Short pile
Case Study: City Market at O Street, Washington, D.C.
"Humans aren’t the only ones getting the VIP treatment here. Let your pooch frolic in the rooftop dog park."
-City Market at O Website
SportsGrass: The Difference...
Utilizes the same flow-through backing as K9Grass
Improve Your Putt Game
With a High Perfomance Tournament Green or Leisure Green!
durable backing improves grade
natural fringe detail
short pile
Installation with the Sandmatic
Is your surface staying where you put it?
(sand, mulch, rubber, etc.)
Indoor Installation Process
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