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A charasmatic leader


us people

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of A charasmatic leader

Essential Question:
How is F.D.R a charasmatic leader? Traits confidence
will power
determined "WILL revive and WILL prosper...nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance."
His way with words and confident speeches convinced the american people FDR's life outsidethe white house... An only child
Jan 30, 1882-Apr 12, 1945
Was married to his distant cousin Anna Eleanor Roosevelt and had six children.
From birth he was so sickly that his parents held off naming him.
He was educated with French and german governesses.
He was a lonesome child, always by himself.
After getting polio in 1921 he vowed not to let his disease defeat his will. Even though Roosevelt was struck with Polio he never stopped caring for the people suffering from the Great Depression. He continued to find a way to revive America.
The 3 Rs relief, recovery, reform. relief was for the people with no jobs
recovery was foe the economy
reform was focused on the financial system What did the New deal cause ? The new deal introduced great plans but
it caused the New deal coalation
which was the event where people took sides.
Either agreeing with FDR or not agreeing. The second New deal The new deal The New deal was what F.D.R
is famous for. The new Deal was
a series of economic programs activated
from 1933-1937 The most important outcome of
the second deal was social security act which
made insurence for the old, disabled, unemployed. This was funded by large proportions of taxes.
The First New Deal The first new deal focused
on economy. FDR called a
special session on March 1933
with congress which resulted
in many legislative bills. The Bills of the firstNew Deal FDR started by going for the failing banking
system; he declared a "bank holiday" in which
he shut down all the banks in america to stop
bank failures. He then ended prohibition by legalizing
the sale of beer and wine.. The first new deal helped
improve the US economy drastically
and declined the unemployment from it's peak of 1932-33. Was the only president to be elected for four terms.
He was the only president whose mother was allowed to vote for him. Were Americans convinced? Americans were convinced because he did all he could to restore the economy. F.D.R in car on day of Inauguration Little F.D.R and his mother Sarah F.D.R and his wife(distant cousin) Eleanor
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