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Refining your research question

No description

Lisa Scott

on 6 October 2013

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Transcript of Refining your research question

Refining your research question
Refining your research question
Preparation for your proposal
What you can answer
Youcan only know what people tell you. This is not an objective fact - it is what they think/feel/do!
What do people think /know
What do people experience?
Phenomenological interview
How do people construct a verson of reality?
Discourse analysis
What claims can you make...
About your research data?
Things you can't answer?
Is x related to y?
Things you can't answer
How have things changed?
Things you can't answer
Is this enough?
What is the impact of X on Y?
Does X work for Y?
What are the causes of?
How has government policy failed?
Should we have X?
How prevalent is?
How helpful is this?
What are the effects of?
Is this good?
What your data can't tell you
Information about the person you aren't talking to
Cause and effect
The value of something
What your question shouldn't do
Make claims before you collect the data
Be evaluative
Make assumptions
claim access to objective reality
Anything objective
Developing the background to your research - literature search
You need a rationele
research questions should not come out of thin air
you need to show how it fits in with other research
You should show you are aware of the existing findings in the area
You need to show you have a new angle
A specific organisation
a particular geographical area
a new population
a new time...years on!
There should be a back story
You should have identified something we don't know already
Be careful about what you presume about the knowledge you create
And now a look at the proposal form
Searching the literature
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