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2012.03.13 - Tóth Réka

Rita Abraham

on 31 March 2014

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Transcript of AIESEC NExT

Our unique and innovative service portfolio as well as integrated service offering have significantly contributed to our market successes.
Under the corporate ’T’ brand are comprised Magyar Telekom’s corporate social responsibility (CSR), sustainability, employer, financial and investor relations, innovation and corporate development, technology and network development activities.
Media and content services
New business areas
New generation network
Innovation laboratories
The experience of community at home. Communication solutions and entertainment services-internet, TV or phone. For work, information or leisure. This is T-Home.
T-Mobile offers the experience of community with freedom, the full scope of mobile services, in Hungary and across the borders.
In addition of large enterprises and govermental institutions SMEs too can now get fixed, mobile, internet and IT service from a single carrier, T-Systems.
Health care
Finance & insurance
spend their compulsory traineeship at our company (Bologna system)
support them to start building their professional career path at Telekom
Students of engineering, economics or any other areas of studies on Bsc, BA, MSc, MA level.
One semester (5 months= 20 weeks)
20 hours per week, flexible
CV and tests, personal interviews
-fixed-term work contract
-5 months, flexible part-time
75 000 HUF per month
+ attractive compensation package
-based on internal needs
-between February and June:
151 trainees
at the end of the program, based on performance
A, as a trainee
B, as a full time employee
C, saying goodbye
want to work in an exciting place
are innovative
dare to take risks
are a team player
can work alone as well
Telekom-Universitas Budensis
Volunteer Day, 09.03.2010.
Upload your CV between March/April 2012
Video CV!
Selection is from May
Result: in July 2012
September 2012
Telekom is a great place to perform and grow
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