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Why Larry Stylinson Is Real

No description

Sara Yarborough

on 9 July 2013

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Transcript of Why Larry Stylinson Is Real

Why Larry Stylinson Is Real
The Evidence
1 time? The beginning.
2 times? A coincidence.
3 times? Fate.

Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles have met each other 2 times before One Direction was formed as a band. Which could have been a coincidence, or it could have been the work of fate. Ever since that day in 2010, rumors have been swirling that the 2 were in a secret relationship. People have been wondering, ignoring, criticizing and denying the obvious romance. I have my own beliefs. I believe that the 2 are in a fateful romance. These pictures is only a small bit of the large amount of proof.
The Pictures
There is no doubt in my mind that the 2 have fallen in love.
In my opinion, Elounor is not real. 1. In this picture, look at the way Louis noticed the cameras. And look at the way he's holding Eleanor's hand. I didn't think normal couples held hands like that. 2. And Louis looks so sad with Eleanor. 3. That kiss looks staged. And Eleanor has her eyes opened. Do they look like a real couple to you?
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