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The Roman Army

No description

Severin Gramm

on 17 May 2014

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Transcript of The Roman Army

The Roman Army
Rome was the most powerful Empire in the history of the world. They ruled for over 1100 years from 753 B.C. to 410 A.D. when it fell.
Rome was able to rule for so many years because they had a very organized and efficient army.
The Romans success was from their very strong and organized army. Women were encouraged to have many children, so they could grow up and be a part of the army.
There are many different legions and tactics that the Romans used in battle. Each legion was made up of 5 to 6 thousand soldiers.
There are also many different formations that the Romans used in battle. The most basic ones are the Tortoise Formation, the Wedge, Skirmishing Space Formation, and the Orb.
The Tortoise Formation is used to protect themselves from arrows and other flying objects.
The Tortoise Formation
The Wedge Formation
The Wedge Formation was another formation that the Romans used. This formation was used to crack open the enemy line of defense and push them out to the sides.
Skirmishing Space
Skirmishing Space is a formation that the Romans used to spread out and give each other fighting space. There would also be multiple lines of defense, so if someone in the first line gets wounded or really tired then this formation would allow for the solider to fall back to safety and have another step up to their place.
The Orb Formation
The Orb Formation was used to protect a hurt solider, the General, or the Legions Standard. This was also used to hold off the enemies while reinforcement troops come to help.

The Roman Standard
The Roman Standard is an icon that each legion carries to represent their legion and set them apart from all of the others. Today every country still has a standard but instead of having an animal or symbol we have flags to represent our country. In Roman times, every legion would carry around a standard during battle and the whole legion protects the icon.
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