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Prezi + iPad =

A presentation focused on the aspirational features that I'd like to see added to the Prezi app for the iPad. *some animations need some time to load

Bo Hanssen

on 15 February 2011

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Transcript of Prezi + iPad =

gestures (Future) Busines Presentations Education Product information Portfolio Use it to promote your products:
- In stores
- Exhibitions
Imagine a one on one presentation instead off a dull flyer Use it as a digital portfolio, show your work to future customers Digital blackboard This is something I'm
really excited about.

There are a lot off (expensive) digital
blackboards out there.
And I believe Prezi can Rule theme all..... But Some extra functions are needed e.g.
- On the fly Edit functionality
- Digital Keyboard
- Stylus support
- Special Gestures (mentioned before)
- interactive flash/quicktime support Spice up that dusty Powerpoint The cherry on the cake would be..... A screen capture functionality with audio playback. A presentation or lecture could be shared online. Prezi + iPad = The Future Stylus support would be the most important feature Where do we use it for? Do you know The Khan academy? http://www.khanacademy.org/
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