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Biology Project

Lauren Heske

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Influenza

Influenza The word Influenza comes from the Italian language meaning "influence" and refers to the cause of the disease. Changes in medical thought led to its modification to influenza del freddo, meaning "influence of the cold". Symptoms:
*Fever or severe chills
*Nasal congestion
*Body aches
*Fatigue Influenza can attack anyone from an infant to an elderly, a man to a woman, and even to a healthy person or an unhealthy person. If you have this desease you can do a few things for treatment.
1. Rest and drink plenty of fluids
-Or take antibiotics-
1. Neuraminidase Inhibitors-Ex. Tamiflu & Relenza
*Get a flu shot
*Wash your hands
*Cover your mouth when you sneeze or caugh
*Pay attention to what you touch and who you are around
Your head aches, and so does every bone in your body. You're cold one minute and hot the next. Your throat is scratchy and you're starting to cough. You may have influenza!
Influenza is the sixth leading cause of death among American adults.

Each year, about 36,000 people die from influenza, and 114,000 people are hospitalized each year.
Influenza is a highly contagious disease that is spread by coughing, sneezing and through direct physical contact with objects that carry the virus such as doorknobs and telephones.

The influenza vaccine cannot cause influenza. If you take asprin while you have influenza you can become even more ill with Reye's Syndrome, which is a severe illness to the liver. By Lauren Heske
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