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Why I'm thankful for education

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Lani O'Malley

on 21 November 2014

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Transcript of Why I'm thankful for education

I'm thankful for education because of math. Math can get hard really quickly, education helps me with stuff like this. It also helps me by showing me
ways of how to solve a problem.
I'm thankful for education because without education you won't be able to go to college so you can get a job that you want. You also won't get good grades or be able to solve big math questions like 56,798 x 389,569 when you get older. But all of this comes from a great teacher like Mrs. Webb. Teachers like Mrs. Webb teach you new things every day. That is the thing that I'm most thankful for about education.
First things First
The next reason why I'm thankful for education is spelling. I get to learn how to spell words I don't know how to spell.
The last reason for why I'm thankful for education is reading. Now because of education I'm able to read better, faster, and I'm able to read books like Harry Potter.
When I go to college I want to be an architect and I hope to go to Duke University.
What college I want to go to.
Why I'm thankful for education
This is why I'm thankful education.
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