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Alex Flynn

on 5 September 2013

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Transcript of QANTAS

How it uses Social Media and Advertising

QANTAS stands for the Queensland And Northern Territory Aerial Services.
The founders were Fergus McMaster, Paul McGuiness, Hudson Fysh and Arthur Baird.
Brand Personality
The Early 2000's brought QANTAS into a Aborginal Era where their planes and uniforms were inspired by Aboriginal Art.
Then in the last two years, QANTAS began to focus the campaign on its costumers. QANTAS has many celebrities as spokesperson with the main being Neil Perry, Miranda Kerr and John Travolta
Brand Intergration
New Brands for Identities
The Social Team
The Three QANTAS Aboriginal Planes
Winton on a Map
QANTAS focusing on the people
QANTAS at the beginning
In 2013, QANTAS brang Ellen Degeneres and many guests to Australia to sponsor the airline and country.
QANTAS and Emirates flyover
QANTAS and Emirates Flyover
The masterchef website shows that QANTAS is a major partner for the show with the airlne flying the crew and contestants around the world. QANTAS has brought both Oprah and Ellen DeGeneres to Australia and their guests as a part of the tourism deal. By doing this, the airline s recognised more globally.
QANTAS has an agreement with Masterchef which allows the airline to fly the crew and contestants around the World.
In 2010, QANTAS and Tourism Australia teamed up to promote the airline and Australia by bringing Oprah to Australia.
QANTAS has over 130,000 followers on Twiiter
QANTAS has over 5.7 Million views on its Youtube account from 213 videos.
The Aboriginal Era
QANTAS originally revealed itself as a indigenous airline. QANTAS then became more contemporary by focusing the airline more on the Australian public by using the slogan "You're the reason we fly" and changing some plane slogans from "The spirit of Australia" to "The spirit of Australians"
In the 2000's QANTAS shown the public that it is an indigenous airline.
A Modern Australian Airline
In the last couple years, QANTAS has shown the Australian public that it is a modern Australian Airline.
QANTAS had Geoff Dixon as CEO before Alan Joyce came into power. QANTAS has agreements with Tourism Queensland, New South Wales and Northern Territory instead of the whole of Tourism Australia.
QANTAS has over 409,000 likes on Facebook.
The #QANTASLuxury is now an infamous symbol with what seemed like a harmless competition had an immense backlash with
competitors tarnishing the airline after the
world wide fleet
QANTAS vs Geoff Dixon
QANTAS Tourism partnerships
Geoff Dixon is the former QANTAS C.E.O. and then after working with QANTAS he moved to Tourism Australia.
QANTAS have done alot of co-promotion but the two largest promotions have to be the Emirates deal and the Disney 'Planes' deal.
The Curiosity Rover
I Still Call Australia Home
You're the Reason we fly
In the last couple of years QANTAS have began to edorse their brand, utilise their company and engage their costumers through social media.
QANTAS has done many advertisement with the most notable one being the 'I Still Call Australia Home.' Others include the Curiosity rover campaign and the You're the reason we fly campaign.
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