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Bob Marley- K+C


Kenny Roy

on 1 March 2013

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Transcript of Bob Marley- K+C


Es un cantante de reggae.
Nació el 6 de febrero de 1945. En 1977 Bob se separo de los Wailers
Y asi creo temas como legend, one love ,'I Shoot The Sheriff' y 'Redemption Songs' entre otros The Journey Continues.. Robert Nesta Marley *1944- Captain Norval Marley married a young women named Cedella Booker

*Feb 6 1945- Bob Marley was born in his grandfathers house in St Ann, Jamaica

*Bobs father left shortly after but still supported the family

*In the late 50's Bob and his mother left to Trenchtown (west kingston) to find employment in the big city TrenchTown *When Bob was a child his first teacher said he always loved to sing since the first day they had met

*He spent most of his days with his best friend Neville aka (bunny)

*These two attended music class together which was taught by the famous Jamaican singer Joe Higgs

*The invention of ska music was evolving throughout the Caribbean, this influenced Bob at the young age of 16 to begin his music career.

*Bob then was introduced to the local Record Producer who was astonished by his talents,and soon after recorded Bobs first single

*This single and one other "One more cup of Coffee"did not do the best and bob was not paid for his recordings so he decided to leave the studio Wailing Wailers *In 1963 Bob and a bunch of his friends including bunny formed a group named The Wailing Wailers

*They did not start out to swiftly as after only a couple recordings a few members left the band

*They still had the passion with the remaining members and continued on with the band, later on finding a new record company named Coxsone

*They later recorded their first song as a band named "Simmer Down" this was a big hit in Jamaica

*They started becoming very popular after this hit, and continued recording more songs "It hurts to be alone" and "Rule the Roadie"

*At this time Bob became the leader of the group and the main songwriter

His Journey *In 1966 Bobs life was on the up rise and he got married to his longtime girlfriend Rita Anderson

*There was some issues amongst the band and the record company, forcing the band to leave the record company and further more change the name of the band to what it is known as today The Wailers

*The Wailers started there own record label called Wail 'n' Soul

*Later on that year Bob and Rita gave birth to their first child Cedalla

*They recorded a few singles and later on that year their record label collapsed, this significantly hurt the band struggling to get back on track. Until they met Lee Perry who was their new producer. This led to the recording of a few great tracks "Duppy Conquerer', "Soul Rebel", "400 Years" and "Small Axe" *In 1970 the band traveled to London, England promoting their single, during the travels the Wailers found themselves in some financial struggles

*Bob took it upon himself to go seek the boss of the local recording studios and after the first studio they hired him on the spot

*For the first time in history a Reggae style of band had the use of the finest recording equipment around, this led to the recording of what critics say is the first Reggae album ever Catch a Fire

* This album led to the touring of The Wailers across Europe and The United States. They were an opening band until becoming highly recognized and becoming more popular than the bands they were supposed to open for

*This recognition led up to the recording of their new album Burnin' this album had legendary tracks such as "I shot the Sheriff" and "Get Up Stand Up" Bob Marley and The Wailers *1975 after releasing their 3rd album Natty Dread two of the members from the original wailers left to pursue solo careers and three women including Rita Marley joined The Wailers as back up vocalists

*The band toured for multiple years after this, doing many concerts and charity events, one important event to Bob was the Jamaican institute for the blind. They also played a free concert at Kingstons National Hero's park to promote peace and to stop the ghetto wars in Trenchtown

*Prior to the smile Jamaica concert the Marley household was broken into and Bob and his family were shot at but no one was killed, despite this horrific event Bob still went on and performed 2 days later

The Legend *1980 Bob was diagnosed with cancer throughout his body

*Rita Wanted to cancel his tour but he continued on to play one of the most unforgettable shows

*Bob ended up passing away May 11th 1981 at the age of 36

*At the time of his death his band was considered one of the most popular bands on the road

*Thousands of people attended his funeral including Jamaican president and the leader of the opposition

*He was awarded Jamaica's order of merit The Leader *Not only did Bob lead his band to ultimate success he started a generation of music culture that will be forever on going
*Bob was an inspiration to everyone he connected with, he wanted to promote peace, love, and unity throughout the world
*He did this through his music and lyrics, he tried to inspire all people to unite as one and be able to live together happily
*Bob was a great leader because he influenced people to hear his messages and follow his dreams of making this world a better place "One Bright Morning, I will fly away home" - BOB MARLEY
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