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Starbucks Smartphone

Marketing Communication Group work presentation

Miguel Ch

on 16 April 2014

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Transcript of Starbucks Smartphone

The environment
The connection
The Motto
Starbucks Smartphone
Human Connection
An overall amazing experience
Fair Trade
Which is why we decided to help your costumers share even more!
An amazing brand

with astonishing products
But Starbucks is all about Sharing too!
... a Starbucks Smartphone!
Your target group is students and young professionals
Because we know they love technology
So we decided to offer them something they can share even more with ...
Can't imagine one? Let us explain.
We call it the
Starbucks Reflex!
Technologically Advanced
Flexible and durable
Corning's Gorilla GLASS
Beautifully Engineered
Endless possibilities
To share even more ...
SHARE all you want
Whenever you want
Wherever you want
SHARE it with your friends
SHARE it with your partner
SHARE it with your kids
Ultra-fast Internet connection
Lithium-polymer batteries
for slow degradation rate
Starbucks App
Starbucks Social
Order coffee on the go

"Surprise me" option
Ping your friends

Send your location
Made of
SHARE it with your family
SHARE it with the world!
Glass surface touch displays
Integrated in Starbucks stores'
in the Netherlands.
No more of this ...
... because now you can share!
And connect with just one touch!
Public Relations
Communication Tools
Product Launch
Buzz event
Experience Advertising
Viral Marketing
Online Store
Starbucks' stores
Marketing Communication Tools
Product Launch event
... during the morning and with broad media coverage ...
... and Starbucks coffee, obviously.
And because so many people will be in Amsterdam ...
before the Queen's Day on April 29th ...
Free slingshot rides in a square during the afternoon.
... in a pod encased in glass with loud stereo sound and 4D cinema!
"Moments as exciting as this must be shared with someone. Who haven't you shared it with yet?"
In the end ...
Experience Marketing
Online Store
Starbucks' Stores
The SHARE campaign
This will create a buzz on the news ...
... and on the internet.
Consumers will be able to experience
the interactive surfaces
that will be available in every Starbucks store.
There will be separated "Starbucks Stores" for purchase purposes only.
Because it reflects the user's dynamic personality.
from 19-25 years old
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