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on 27 August 2013

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Transcript of IOS 7

IOS 7 Review
Gokce Gursoz

What is IOS 7 ?

What is new ?

The features

Developers' side

Different reviews
The new features
Developer's Side
Apple is introducing a completely new design language for iOS 7. For developers, this means they will have to adapt their apps to match the rest of the operating system if they don’t want them to look antiquated. Thankfully, Apple today also published a pretty extensive guide to designing for iOS 7 and transitioning apps to the new version that helps developers understand how they should use new UI elements like borderless buttons, translucent bars and full-screen layouts for their apps.
Different Reviews
"My jaw dropped because Jony Ive’s much-anticipated new look for iOS 7 leaves the impression that the icons were designed by an eight-year-old who found his sibling’s pastel markers, started drawing, then gave up halfway through but decided to hand his work in anyway.

But perhaps I’m being too harsh. Because the new iOS 7 is more than just redesigned icons on the homescreen. There are radical design changes throughout the OS and some pretty great new features as well.

And it’s the new features and functionality that is what is good about iOS 7. Perhaps the most welcome new feature is Control Center. This is a panel that swipes up from the bottom of any screen in the OS that allows the user to quickly toggle system-wide services, like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Airplane mode, on or off. " Michael Grothaus , Interaction Designer
What is IOS 7 ?

The mobile OS from a new perspective
A totally new design approach called flat design
Combines with new functional features
Aims to be simple, minimal, more useful and more enjoyable
Beta 1 version released at 10th of June
Final release is aimed to be in this fall, in December

The new design of IOS 7
“Most people make the mistake of thinking design is what it looks like. It’s not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” Steve Jobs
Both how it looks and how it works is redesigned in IOS 7
simplicity is the key aproach
According to Ive, "When you pick something up for the first time and already know how to do the things you want to do, that’s simplicity."
The Flat Design Approach
Things are designed to sound, and more importantly look, just like the real-life analogues they’re named after. Do we really need all of those visual cues and extra details?

The Flat Design Approach
Flat advocates argue that GUIs should eschew style for functionality. That means getting rid of beveled edges, gradients, shadows, and reflections, as well as creating a user experience that plays to the strengths of digital interfaces, rather than limiting the user to the confines of the familiar analog world.
IOS 7 design with the flat design approach, which has a simple look and minimal design.
iOS 7 introduces many UI changes, such as borderless buttons, translucent bars, and full-screen layout for view controllers.
The new features all aim to make the things we do every day even easier, faster, and more enjoyable.

Many of the apps look different, the way you do things feels perfectly familiar.
Control Center
Control Center gives you quick access to the controls and apps you always seem to need right this second. Just swipe up from any screen — including the Lock screen — to do things like switch to Airplane mode, turn Wi-Fi on or off, or adjust the brightness of your display. You can even shine a light on things with a new flashlight. Never has one swipe given you so much control.
a smart way to switch between apps.
easy to see the currently working apps and close the unnecessary ones.
intelligent caching, iOS 7 learns when you like to use your apps and can update your content before you launch them. So if you tend to check your favorite social app at 9:00 a.m. every day, your feed will be ready and waiting for you.
power saving algorithms
Notification Center
Notification Center lets you know about new mail, missed calls, to-dos that need doing, and more. And a new feature called Today gives you a convenient summary of, well, today. One glance at your iPhone and you’ll know if it’s a certain someone’s birthday, if you’ll need an umbrella, or if traffic will slow down your commute. You’ll even get a heads-up on tomorrow. You can access Notification Center from any screen, including the Lock screen. Just swipe down. And get up to speed.
Sending a photo or a document to someone via text or email is fine. But if that someone is right next to you, a text or an email suddenly feels like too many steps. Enter AirDrop for iOS. It lets you quickly and easily share photos, videos, contacts — and anything else from any app with a Share button. Just tap Share, then select the person you want to share with. AirDrop does the rest using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. No setup required. And transfers are encrypted, so what you share is highly secure.
App Store - Near Me
Apps Near Me — a new feature of the App Store in iOS 7 — shows you a collection of popular apps relevant to your current location. And a new Kids category spotlights the best apps for children based on age. iOS 7 also keeps your apps up to date automatically, so you don’t have to bother. Another bonus of automatic updates: no more little red badge begging for your attention.
IOS in The Car
Safely make phone calls, access your music, send and receive messages, get directions, and more. It’s all designed to let iPhone focus on what you need, so you can focus on the road.
Things Every App Should Do
One new feature Apple especially stresses in its documentation is Dynamic Type, which now automates many of the text layout functions in iOS.
Apple also notes that iOS 7 apps should get their apps ready to support the new transparent status bar, navigation bars, tab bars, toolbars, search bars, and scope bars, as well as other new UI features like the date picker.
Things Every App Should Do

New Features looks like...
Things Every App Must Do
Update the app icon. In iOS 7, app icons are 120 x 120 pixels (high resolution).
Update the launch image to include the status bar area if it doesn’t already do so.
Support Retina display and iPhone 5 in all your artwork and designs, if you’re not already doing so.
Ive's View
Different Reviews
" Most of the new features are inherited from Android Jellybeand or the new released Ubuntu Phone. One new feature Apple didn’t copy from someone else is AirDrop. This was actually borrowed from OS X and allows users to transfer files from their iPhone to a friend’s with just a few taps. There are plenty of file sharing implementations on other mobile OS’s, but the unique thing about AirDrop is that it does not require NFC like many sharing solutions on Android phones do, nor does it require users to be on the same wireless network. iPhones running iOS 7 will automatically pick up other nearby iPhones and form mini-networks between them on the fly. " http://www.knowyourmobile.com/apple/20445/ios-7-good-bad-and-ugly
Different Reviews
The icons are...the first sign that there are points of confusion and even missteps. ...
styles wildly vary from app to app. ...a collection of 3D globs. ...shockingly basic...not elegant...childish...amateur mishmash. ...a mess, too many colors and lines intersecting. ...lazy gradient.
Again Apple seems to ignore the utility of glanceable information, keeping safely to an annoying dance of swipes and secret menus. ...closer to bathroom signage than even Windows Phone. ...feel and look like the work of a lesser designer. ... Your notifications will still interrupt your work. ... Even closing notifications looks harder...doing nothing to actually speed up your productivity. ...design and organization of items is bizarre...messy...a visual strain. ...the execution is troubling.
Less useful. Joshua Topolsky http://blogs.computerworld.com/ios/22316/ios-7-awful-not-awesome-its-apples-ugly-baby-itbwcw
Different Reviews
Jony Ive reportedly had Apple’s marketing team design iOS 7 icons
Matthew Panzarino of The Next Web says he has heard from multiple sources that Jony Ive took a new approach to designing the UI in iOS 7. For starters, he brought in Apple’s print and web marketing design team to set the look and color palette of the stock app icons.

“From what we’ve heard, SVP of Design Jony Ive (also now Apple’s head of Human Interaction) brought the print and web marketing design team in to set the look and color palette of the stock app icons. They then handed those off to the app design teams who did their own work on the ‘interiors’, with those palettes as a guide.”

Panzarino goes on to say that, according to his sources, there wasn’t a whole lot of communication between various teams (like Mail and Safari), and there were competing icon designs within each team—both of which inevitably led to the inconsistencies we see.
Different Reviews
A user's approach



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