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C. M.

on 1 June 2016

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Transcript of Grundschulpädagogik

Videos & Unterricht:
Mandi Strambowski | Caroline Mehner
1. the Use of Video
4.Ideas Worth Spreading
Plan your own video-use in Class!

What was the video about?
Seminar: Literature, Culture and Media in the Primary English Classroom * 22.05.2015
discuss with your neighbour:
How do you do research in the internet?
3. Guidelines for Video-Use in Class
2. How to Research?
What did you understand?
> Was there anything you didn't understand?
Would you use video in class?
1.2 Analysing the video
1.1 Global English
What should be kept in mind when looking for appropriate video material?
anything missing?
overview: all video-databases
websites for your further work in class
websites for your students
anything missing?
think back....
Did you gain the information you expected? What helped you? What did you miss?
the Bear Went over the Mountain..
zu Gast im Studiengang LA Grundschule | Englisch

Red Riding Hood
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