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The Balloon Debate (persuasive writing)

No description

sarah church

on 8 May 2014

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Transcript of The Balloon Debate (persuasive writing)

The Hot Air Balloon Debate.
Save me from certain death...
The Art of Persuasion...
Write an opening sentence for an argument either for or against the following statement using the secret rhetorical device you have been given:
'Making sure you save yourself is the most important thing to do in a crisis or disaster situation.’
L.O: To identify and use persuasive language techniques to create a successful speech.
You, along with 14 other people, have won a ride in a hot air balloon. You are all really enjoying the experience until your balloon gets caught in a thermal air stream and is blown way off course. The gas for the burner runs out, leaving you all in danger as there is a significant risk that the balloon will crash.
The pilot of the balloon calculates that if some of the passengers can be removed, then it will be possible to get the rest of the passengers safely back to the launch site.
This means that some of you will have to jump. With no way of knowing if you will survive the fall. Even if you did, you would almost certainly be severely injured.
You are now going to be given a character profile and 20 minutes to write a speech convincing the pilot and fellow passengers why you should stay on board and keep your life
You must use the factual information about your occupation, lifestyle and age provided
Once you have written your speech, in groups of four, you will need to decide who on your table has the best speech. They will then represent you to the class to see if you survive! Good Luck!
You should try to use as many persuasive features as you can to appeal to the passengers emotions, logic and morals
There are 5 different devices.
See if you can find an example of each from people in the class to complete the grid.
Time to put what you have learnt to the test...
The Scenario
Who will stay on board?
On the post-it, write the name of the person who you thought gave the most persuasive speech and one reason why it was so successful
Remember you are judging on their speech and not just their character profile!
REMEMBER: You cannot ask them what device they were given. You can only ask them to read their sentence.
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