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Save the Penguins

No description

Britnie Powell

on 15 May 2017

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Transcript of Save the Penguins

The Penguin Challenge:
Perilous Penguin Survival

Climate Change
Testing Materials
There are a variety of materials. Please don't damage any of them.

Test different materials and combinations of materials to see what you think will be most effective at preventing your penguin ice cube from melting.

You have a heat lamp, the different materials, a labquest, temperature probes, and a timer.
Share the results of testing the materials.
What did you find? Which materials were effective, which were not, and how do you know?
Brainstorm solutions independently. You can draw a diagram, you can make a list, etc... You need to justify your ideas.
So what about the penguins?
The Challenge: Build a dwelling that will keep your penguin from melting
Real World Connection: Engineers are designing innovative materials for houses, schools, and other buildings to prevent heat transfer. Preventing heat transfer is energy efficient, and efficient buildings use less energy. The less energy needed to heat and cool a building, the less negative impact it has on the environment.

Also, South African penguins are leaving their nests to cool off in the water, placing their eggs at risk to attacks by gulls. Park rangers are creating little huts for penguins to nest in which keep them cooler and protect their eggs from predation.
Criteria and Constraints

100 Credit limit
Limited to the available materials
Plan a design with your team
Draw a diagram (label all materials you will use).
Fill out your purchase order.
Follow your plan and build your prototype.
Test and Observe
Evaluate and Iterate
What works? What doesn't? What could work better?
Create Improved Design
Create a presentation with your team.
A labeled diagram of your first dwelling and an explanation of why you used the materials you did and why you put them in the order you did.
An explanation of what worked, what did not, and why.
A labeled diagram of your second dwelling and an explanation of why you used the materials you did and why you put them in the order you did.
An explanation of what worked, what did not, and why.
Debrief and Apply
What was the most difficult part of this experience and what did you do to overcome that difficulty?

What was your favorite part of this experience and why?

What is one thing you will do differently in our next engineering challenge?
5 grams=100 pts
4+ grams=75 pts
3+ grams=50 pts
2+ grams= 25 pts
Less than 2 grams= 0 pts
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